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Archer Handicaps Table and Guidance

Latest Handicaps

Current archer handicaps for the 2017 Outdoor Handicaps are here
Current archer handicaps for the 2016-2017 Indoor Season can be found here

Looking to improve your handicap?

Take a gander at this table to find out exactly what rounds you can shoot to contribute towards your handicap.  You'll notice that a Warwick round is the easiest to complete in a short space of time but you might also want to shoot a Western to prepare for BLCAC's competitions.
Once you have shot the round email your score to or better still hand the score to Pete Sanderson who is our Records Officer and is regularly available on the field or in the hall.


Current outdoor classifications can be found here: Outdoor classifications 2017 
Current indoor classifications can be found here: Indoor Classifications 2016-2017

                                                                                                                         Score Sheets

Once you have decided on what round you want to shoot you'll need some score sheets to record your handicap-busting round! You'll find this site useful as you can customise your sheets to a specific round and include a vast amount of information (if you want to enter the information by hand then tick the relevant boxes but leave the rest blank).

Your handicap

As you may know, your best three rounds make up your handicap; use this clever little calculator to check what handicap you just shot to.  Or if you're aiming to reach a particular handicap then use it to find out what you need to score for a specific round.

Raining heavily?  Injured? Just too darned lazy to go out?

OK it's not the real thing but there may be something here to help you keep your eye in................