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29th December 2014

I hope you had a Happy Christmas and are surviving the cold snap.  We shot the FOSS International Challenge on 21st December and the results are available here.  You will see that Scott Collett, formerly of BLCAC and now out on New Zealand, and Brian Thornton proved that you don't need a bow with wheels and pulleys to get a good score.  Congratulations to Brian on his First Place ~ Scott always excludes himself from the prizes.  Also congratulations to Janet who dug out her recurve and proved she's not lost it ~ she will be receiving a mystery prize in due course, I'm intrigued to know what it might be.  

We will be shooting indoors this Friday and it's a good time to get your scores in for the Winter Knockout.  Scores for the first (Preliminary/Qualification Round) need to be with me/Pete by Sunday 18th January.

Friday 19th December

Just back from an enjoyable Christmas shoot.  Well done to all who took part ~ we sampled an indoor clout, attempted to score a basket ~ as in basketball ~ as well as shooting lots of different faces and distances.  Congratulations to Neil who won the clout, Lukas who scored not one but two baskets, Sandy who was top ~ OK only ~ compound, Brian who was top senior recurve and Catherine who was top junior and second recurve overall just a few points behind Brian.

Picture Preview Jim and others preparing to shoot


Lucy managed to turn her back to the camera while Chocolate Queen Sara seems to be amused by Emily's score.


Catherine keeping tab of progress.


Tuesday 2nd December

This evening Shani and Mick set up the Club's Tree for the Bingham Christmas Tree Festival which starts later this week.  It looks good and is surrounded by dozens of fantastic trees ~ with some very inventive decorations.  Please try to get along to support this event ~it runs in Bingham Parish Church fro Thursday to Sunday and is well worth going along.  Tomorrow I'm going to drop off some flyers publicizing the club and will try to get a decent photo of the tree to put on the website.  Many thanks to all those who saved bottle tops for me ~ you'll notice when you go to look at it that I found another way of making the target baubles so didn't use them in the end, which does not mean that I don't appreciate you saving them for me.

Welcome to new members Peter Harriman and Bradley Wilson who have been shooting the last few Fridays since finishing their Beginners Course in mid November.  I'm sure you will make them very welcome.

I've just had the Bowmen of Minchinhampton results for the FOSS Challenge through ~ we've got some stiff competition but I'm sure we can beat them and the New Zealanders if we try hard ~ well you can even if I can't.

Saturday 22nd November

FOSS CHALLENGE ~ we will be shooting our third annual challenge against River Glade Archers in Hamilton New Zealand and Bowmen of Minchinhampton on 21st December.  This will be a Portsmouth.  Try to be there ~ whilst we aren't physically with the other clubs the idea that we are shooting against them certainly adds something to the normal Sunday afternoon shoot.

Friday 14th November

Handicap and club records updated today following a masterclass in recurve archery from Brian Thornton last Sunday when he recorded a score of 590 for a Portsmouth round.


Saturday 25th October

Today is our final Saturday afternoon shoot of the season.  Sundays indoor start on November 2nd.  There is no shooting on Friday 31st as the Hall is busy with the Bavarian Beer festival.

Congratulations to Vickie Bratty on being ranked 65th in the UK for Ladies Recurve, we look forward to watching her rise higher in future years and maybe other club members joining her in the rankings ~ you know you can do it!.

Monday 16th October

Don't forget that there is no shooting this Saturday (18th October) as there is a cycle event taking place on the fields at the leisure centre.  Shooting will be as normal on Friday evening.

Wednesday 8th October

Congratulations to club members who shot at Belvoir Archers last Saturday.  Ian Christopher and Sandy Sanderson took second and third place in the compound competition ~ Ian losing out by just five points, not helped by having a miss.  Sandy was just three points further back.  The ladies longbow was a clean sweep for the club ~ adrianne, Janet and Hazel taking first, second and third. Mick  and Shani Coward both took second in the Ladies and Gents Recurve.  Pete Sanderson took the overall Handicap award.  So a good day's shooting in all.


Saturday 27th September

We had another decent turnout last night for Indoor Shooting. Hopefully we'll see more of you as the weeks go by.  Our first Indoor beginners Course of the season starts next Friday in the Small Hall.  I anticipate the class joining the club session later on.  Kate is leading this course and will be supported by the other coaches but at least one coach should be available in the Main hall on Fridays should you want any support.  Don't forget that if you want help all you need to do is ask.  If you want to work with a specific coach please speak to them about doing so.

The 2015 Winter Knockout starts straight after New Year.  As in the last few years the round is normally a Bray 1 (though by agreement between the archers another indoor round can be substituted) and the competition will be shot on a Handicap basis ~ if you haven't yet got a handicap we can work something out and this is an opportunity for you to get one, that said there should be time before Christmas for you to shoot three rounds necessary to get a handicap.  

The Competition will have a Preliminary round followed by three knockout rounds leading up to the final on 27th March 2015 ~ our Final Indoor of the season ~ which will also be the evening when the Club Indoor Championships take place.  

The Club Championships is also a Bray 1 shot alongside the Knockout finals and incorporates senior and junior competitions for whatever bow styles turn up on the day as well as an overall handicap award.

Later on Wednesday 17th September

If you have checked your winter programme you will have spotted that there is no shooting on Friday 31st October as there is a beer festival n the Hall that evening ~ and indeed the following day.  Tickets are available from the Leisure Centre priced £12.00 each to include a commemorative Beer Stein. Why not spend the evening celebrating 30 years of twinning with Wallenfels and supping the odd beer rather than shooting arrows?  For more information Click here

Wednesday 17th September

I have given Pete a tutorial on the website so expect it all to be really up to date (handicaps anyway) in future.

Tuesday 26th August

I am indebted to John Hunton  for pointing out that the Senior Longbow Team actually won the Pure Score Team competition at the League.  It was the Handicap competition where they came second. 

Later on 25th August

Final results for the league are now available ~ just click on the links below:

You'll see from this that we won the Junior longbow and barebow team competitions and came second in the senior longbow category on countback ~ equal on points but second on score to City & Sherwood.  Sandy's score for the final competition is shown as recurve not compound ~ I'm not sure if that makes much difference to placings but will find out.

Monday 25th August

The final Notts League shoot of 2014 took place yesterday. We started the season with high hopes of retaining the Recurve team Trophy but sadly were unable to do so.  We were, however, more successful on an individual level:

  • Ian Christopher won the Gents Compound
  • Vickie Bratty won the Ladies Recurve
  • Adrianne Goodwin won the Ladies Longbow
  • Lukas Burton won Junior Gents Barebow
.....and I am particularly pleased to let you know that Emily Hodge won the Novice Ladies Recurve.  Her success bodes well for the future.  Hopefully we'll have more success in the League next year and wrest the team trophy out of the grasp of Nottingham Trent University who won it for the first time this year.

Our Club Championships and Open Western are coming up soon ~ 14th September ~ please get your entries to Paul as soon as possible.  If you can't find the form ~ click here.

Friday 22nd August

BOW FOR SALE ~ Jim has a bow for sale it's a good quality 66" Hoyt Gold medallist bow and in good condition.  For more information click here.

Don't forget to let Simon know if you are able to help with the Container Working Party ~if enough of us are involved it could benefit the club both in terms of the equipment but also socially.

Wednesday 13th August

Today sees the official launch of the British Forces team for the Invictus games ~ click here for more information.

If you are interested at all then there are still tickets available, the archery takes place on 12th September.

Monday 11th August

If you happen to be in Nottingham on Wednesday why not pop along to the Market Square where, in addition to the beach, there will be some archery going on.  Full details can be found on the AGB website.

Sunday 10th August

The Final League Shoot planned for today was postponed due to inclement weather ~ there's an understatement!.  As things stand the county is looking to re-arrange it for another date but we've no idea where or when at this stage.  Keep your eye on the website, as well as Notts website, for further information.

E-mails ~ I am getting responses in but rather piecemeal with around a third of members yet to respond.  If you read this and are aware that you have not had club related emails from me (Simon) recently let me know and I'll bring you up to speed as soon as possible.

For SaleJim has a Hoyt Gold Medallist, old style, 66" bow, 36lbs @ 28 together with a case sight and arrows.  If you think you might be interested in it let him know.  It belongs to one of our former members who has not shot for quite some time.


Saturday 2nd August

Apologies ~ I seem to have missed a few members off recent emails ~ if you have not had anything from me recently let me know asap and I will bring you back up to speed as quickly as possible.  Things that  you may have missed include ~ third League shoot, membership renewals, Notts Ninjas, container repairs and 2014-15 Winter programme.  

Email me at and I'll be in touch.

Sunday 27th July

The Handicap tables have been updated ~ congratulations to Emily Hodge and Lee Stapleford Allen who brought their handicaps down by three and one point respectively following a successful day at Belvoir Archers yesterday. 

We have a have-a-go on the field next Saturday and another at Butt Field at 3.30 on Monday 4th August for the visiting Wallenfels football club. I was due to be at the Butt Field event but cannot now make it.  Les and Jim will be there, but I am sure they would welcome any help you can give.

Winter programme for 2014-15 available here.

Finally, for now..... You may be aware that Simon has been involved with coaching archers for the Invictus Games due to take place in September.  You may find this link interesting ~ Invictus Games Trials Whilst Simon was unable to attend the trials, due to other archery committments it looks like the two days went well, 

Monday 7th July

Congratulations to Lukas Burton who shot barebow in the national Junior Championships ~ Metric 3 and Bristol 3 rounds ~ over the weekend.  He was placed first on both days and so is Junior National barebow champion in his age group, the overall Junior Barebow was won by the young man shooting the York Hereford Round.  I am sure you will join me in congratulating Lukas on his success, which is the reward for some hard work and dedication over recent months.

Friday 27th June

Just been told about a ladder challenge between Janet and Shani on 12th June.

Both shot a Warwick, Janet with Longbow and the results were as follows:


Janet     120 for 1472

Shani     348 for 1428

Janet was the winner.

The club also took part in the onTarget Clubs Competition earlier this week.  We were drawn against Belvoir and fielded a strong team ~ Ian, Mick, Shani and Vickie with one of the latter three shooting as second compound.  The competition was  made up of six dozen at 50m on an 80cm face. The first two dozen were a straight score club against club, the next two dozen a pairs shoot between the different bow types, compound and recurve, and the final two dozen a shoot off between individuals.  Sadly we lost out by one point overall.  I  am sure you will join me in wishing Belvoir well in the next round of the competition


Round 1 : Team 1
Round 2 : Pairs  2211
Round 3 : Individual12212112

Total Score       1110

Wednesday 11th June

We had a good turnout for the Notts Ninjas event this evening ~ 22 archers shooting and a plethora of parents and coaches helping out.  I apologise for the slightly chaotic pattern of the evening and for not realising in advance that there would be compound archers present who would not be able to shoot across our field due to the short overshoot.  Many thanks to Mario for pointing that out.   Fortunately we were able to provide a range of club bows for them and they were able to take part after all, shooting recurve and barebow.  Whilst a bit chaotic the main aim of the Ninjas events, as stated in the Notts website, is to get our junior archers shooting and having fun together. I certainly think we acheived that over the evening.  We finished off with an Agincourt Vollet with the winner being the person who scored the BEST BULL ~ on this ocassion as we were shooting at black and white darts boards it was certainly not a gold!  One of the youngest archers present Maddie Wall 7 from Bingham LCAC, was the proud  recipient of the evening's only prize ~ a bunch of bananas.  Well done Maddie.  Many thanks to all who turned up and helped,  if we run it again I have certainly learned something and will aim to make it even better.

Click here to see Top Banana Maddie accepting her trophy from County Chairman Chris Joyce.


Tuesday 10th June

Notts Ninjas visit Bingham 11th June (TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Toot Hill School Archery Club, which as you know has very close links with BLCAC, will be hosting an evening of Archery Darts for junior archers from across the county.  At the moment it looks like we could have about 30 juniors taking part and that we will be blessed with decent weather.  Whilst those from other clubs are bringing coaches with them anyone who can come along to help with setting up/scoring/distributing refreshments etc would be very welcome.  We will be setting up from 6.00 with shooting due to run between 6.3 and 8.00ish.

I gather that we had some success at the weekend at the Golden Arrow and Oregon shoots.  I don't have full details to hand but gather that Vickie Bratty was top lady recurve at the Golden Arrow winning the Silver Arrow Trophy and that she was also top lady for the Oregon Challenge.  She and Mick Coward made the Oregon team and Shani Lambert Coward won one of the silver goblets.  Ian Christopher was top compound and by all accounts our depleted longbow team also fared well. I'll let you know more in due course.

A week tomorrow it is the Rolls Royce Midsummer shoot.  Entry form available here.  Unfortunately I will be unable to shoot as i am tied up with coaching for the Invictus Games that day.  More information about the Invictus Games is available here.

Friday 23rd May

In June Toot Hill School Archery Club, in conjunction with BLCAC, will host Notts Ninjas on Tour ~ this will take place on Wednesday 11th June between 6.30 and about 8.00.  The idea is that juniors from clubs across the county travel to other clubs to sample archery in a new, friendly, environment.  Our session is planned to be an evening of Archery Darts and it would be really good if a few of you could come along to help set things up and assist with the scoring and so forth.  Please let Simon or one of the Committee know asap if you would like to take part (juniors) or help out (everyone else).

The Rolls Royce Midsummer shoot takes place on Wednesday 18th June and is well worth going along to.  The entry form is available here

Wednesday 21st May

Last Sunday saw the Wilford Bowmen Rose status competition and Bingham archers did very well on the day.  I've not seen the results yet or heard from all that took part but gather that Ian won the Gents Compound, Adrianne the Lady Longbow, Shani, Vickie and Mick the Team Trophy and Paul the Long National.  A good day all in all. 

Sunday 11th May

A belated update on the Ladder ~ there were a couple of challenges at the league last week with the following results:

Maurice Clarke (1460) v Pete Sanderson (1447)                      Maurice wins

Sandy Sanderson (1429) v Mick Coward (1424)                          Sandy wins

Shani and Lukas were also trying to have a shoot off but as Lukas's round is a non-standard one Pete was unable to find a way of working out a winner.  No doubt they will find a way of shooting against one another soon.

Wednesday 6th May

We had a sucessul day at East Leake on MOnday with a steady queue of people wanting to try their hand at archery.  Sunday saw a sucessful day for thew club at the first League shoot, with some good scores being recorded.  Full results to follow.  

The results sheet for the Spring Western was slightly wrong ~ Emily Hodge score 529 not 259, sorry Emily it should be right now and Pete has had your score so your new handicap should be correct.


Thursday 1st May

Target list for the League shoot this Sunday available here.  Good luck to all taking part.

On Monday it is the Scouts event at East Leake ~ we still have very few people volunteering to help out......

Tuesday 29th April

Full results for Sunday's competition are available here, many thanks to Adrianne for putting these together.

It looks like we have something like a record entry for the League this weekend from Bingham and the County as a whole, lets hope the weather is decent!

Monday 28th April

The Spring Western yesterday was blessed by dry weather and some sunshine, though it was a little windy.  Everything went smoothly with Bingham archers featuring prominently in the prizes ~ both raffle and the actual competition.  Shani and Mike Coward started the season by topping the podium in the ladies and gents recurve whilst Adrianne Goodwin and Ian Christopher did the same in the ladies longbow and gents compound.  Dave Seymour, now of Sherwood Archers but fondly remembered from his time at Bingham, won both the gents longbow and the Agincourt Volley.  Many thanks to Paul Burton who did a great job organising his first competition , to the work part for setting up and taking the field down, to our lady P Jenny Davey who was ably assisted by Gill Angus and Hazel Connolly in selling raffle tickets and finally all the archers who took part, they made Les and Simon's work as field captains very easy.

The next big event is the first League Shoot at Rolls Royce this Sunday.  Based on their results yesterday it looks like Nottingham Trent University will be a force to be reckoned with this year.

Saturday 19th April

Just over a week to go to the Spring Western ~ there is still time to get your entries in ~ see Paul Burton or one of the committee.

Lee Stapelford -Allen now has an outdoor handicap and has been added to Ladder 3.

The first league shoot is on 4th May ~ if you have not put it in your diary yet do so now and tell Simon that you will be taking part.

Sunday 13th April

I received an email from Mike Thomason over the weekend he advised me ~ It is with sadness that I have to report the passing of Janet Sargent of Harworth Archers and Top Flight Archery.  Janet died yesterday following a long illness. 

Janet has been active in archery for many, many years and will be missed by us all. Our thoughts go to Steve, Julie and other family members.

The Summer Ladder is up and running ~ see the Ladder pages for more information.

Entries are trickling in for the Spring Western and, based on conversations over the weekend, we should have approaching 60 archers taking part. Make sure that you are one of them. One or two people have asked whether they need a handicap to shoot ~ the answer is no you don't but shooting will help you get one.  If in doubt about how to get a handicap see the Archers handicap page ~ essentially you need to shoot three rounds and pass your scores to Pete


It looks like the Bassetlaw Pie and beans may well have finished this year after being called off due to high winds last year.  No news yet on how our archers fared, i'll let you know as soon as I hear anything.

Finally the Rolls Royce Midsummer Shoot will be on 18th June this year.  Full details will be on the RRBOS website soon and I'll pass information on as soon as I can.  It's a good friendly evening shoot and well worth getting over to Hucknall to shoot.

Wednesday 2nd April

Earlier this evening Les and Simon visited the Sports Field at East Leake where we are due to run a have-a-go session as part of the Scout's Gala day on May Day - Monday 5th May.  We met with representatives of the Scouts as well as a lady from the Parish Council.  I am pleased to say that the activity has been approved. We will be setting up from around 10.00 with the event proper running from 1.30 -5.00.  As with all have-a-go sessions, especially when it's a new event, we could do with as many hands to the pump as possible.  Even if you can only make it for an hour you would be very welcome. Other events on the field include demonstrations by professional BMX riders and much more.  It's a pleasant half hour drive from Bingham so why not join us on the day?  If you can please let Simon or one of the committee know asap.

On Monday Janet, Les and Simon attended a public meeting where proposals for a Community Plan for Bingham were discussed.  It was an interesting evening and one which should in time lead to the Council being better informed about the wishes and desires of the community as a whole.  A Steering Group is being formed to take it forward and there should be lots more information coming out through the local press and other means over the next few weeks.  We will keep our eyes open and ears to the ground with a view to making sure any proposals on Leisure facilities don't neglect to consider archery

Tuesday 1st April

We had a good turn out for our first Saturday shoot ~ five bosses and eleven senior and one junior archer shooting at a variety of distances.  We also had a good range of bows on show ~ Compound, Recurve, Barebow and Longbow.  The fact that we were blessed with good weather was a particular bonus.  Hopefully we will continue to have a good turn out across the summer ~ that said I'll tender my apologies for absence this Tuesday and Thursday, coaching commitments away from the club mean that I'll miss those nights most weeks.

Thursday 27th March 2014

We had a good turn out for the Club Championships and some good scores were recorded.  Results were as follows:

Gents Compound ~ 1st ~  Ian Christopher

Gents Recurve ~ 1st ~ Mick Coward,  2nd Pete Sanderson,  3rd  Jim Johnson (much to his surprise)

Ladies Recurve ~ 1st Shani Coward, 2nd Janet Smeeton, 3rd, Lucy Pinder (in her first shoot).  Vicky Bratty arrived late and so whilst we allowed her to shoot her Knockout round she was excluded from the Championship rankings (she would have won had she been on time ~ she blames her experiment at University for the delay)

Junior Gents Recurve  ~  1st Dief Bell, 2nd Saaras Mehan, 3rd Oscar Owen  (these were the results I announced on the night ~ no one queried them.  In fact Sam Jones ought to have been awarded third place)

Junior ladies Recurve ~ 1st Catherine Angus (who would have also won the senior ladies competition had she shot as a senior), 2nd Becky Buttery

Junior gent barebow ~ 1st Lukas Burton, 2nd Jake Molyneux (who was shooting his new bow for the very first time)

Junior Knockout ~ 1st Lukas Burton, 2nd Saaras Mehan

Senior Knockout ~ 1st Pete Sanderson, 2nd Vicky Bratty

Club Handicap ~ 1st Lukas Burton, 2nd Saaras Mehan, 3rd ~ an interesting tie between Jim Johnson and Mick Coward which Mick won on golds.

Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone else for making this such an enjoyable evening.

We start shooting outdoors this coming Saturday.  In preparation for this I thought you might like to consider this as part of your training...  The link is also available on our Media Page.

Monday 10th March 2014

Winter Knockout 

Results for the semi finals were as follows:
~ Vicky Bratty 1438 v Gary Sheriston  1434  
~ Pete Sanderson 1448 v Paul Burton 1408

Vicky  (1168) v Pete (1200) in the final (ALLOWANCES IN BRACKETS)

~ Lukas Burton 1317 v Charlotte Owadally (DNS)
~ Catherine Angus 1426 v Becky Buttery 1419 v Saaras Mehan 1496

Lukas  (1306) v Saaras (1300) in the final 

The finals will be on Friday 21st March alongside the Indoor Club Championships.  It is also our last indoor session.

If you haven't managed to come along indoors much/at all then why not try to get along when we start out doors.  

Congratulations to Vicky on being part of the winning Nottingham University  Team at the recent British Universities Indoor Championships.

6th March 2014

Entry form for the Bassetlaw Pie and Beans Shoot on 13th April available here.

Later on 25th February

The Summer programme is now available ~ Click here.

Tuesday 25th February 2014

Winter Knockout

Once again some good scores were recorded and there were some close contests. Results of the last round are as follows:










Vicky Bratty




Mick Coward





Sam Stapleford-Allen




Paul Burton





Gary Sheriston




Ian Christopher





Maurice Clark




Pete Sanderson





The draw for the next round (the semi-finals) is as follows (figures in brackets are the handicap allowances to be added to scores):

Vicky  (1168) v Gary (1283)
Pete (1202) v Paul( (1205)  


Sadly only five juniors have submitted scores this winter despite plenty of activity on a Friday evening.  The draw for the juniors is as follows:
Catherine (1191) v  Becky (1419)  v  Saaras (1323)  ~ one to go through
Lukas (1317)   v  Charlotte (1421)

All rounds to be shot by 9th March.

Notts Shoots

Click here for Details of the Notts League 2014  It would be good to have as many of us as possible take part in the league and challenge to retain the Team Trophy again this year.  The League is a gentle entry into the world of competition archery for new archers.

Monday 10th February 2014

Winter Knockout 2013-2014

Round 1 results:

Hazel Conolly (DNS) v Sam Stapleford Allen (1461) v Vicky Bratty (1463): Vicky wins

Dan Gray (DNS) v Maurice Clark (1435) v Simon Barnicott (1414): Maurice wins

Ian Christopher (1436) v Lee Stapleford-Allen (1427): Ian wins

Mick Coward (1427) v Jim Johnson (DNS) v James Dawkins (DNS): Mick wins

Adrianne Goodwin v Janet Smeeton v Chris Dawkins: No-one shot

James Cutler (DNS) v Paul Burton (1435) v Steven Sanderson (1423): Paul wins

Peter Sanderson (1438) v Gregg Howarth (1436): Pete wins

Russ Gibbs (1448) v Gary Sheriston (1457) v Shani Lambert-Coward (1419): Gary wins

There were some good scores put in and some very close contests. As you can see one group did not shoot and so Sam Stapelford Allen qualifies for the second round as the highest scoring loser ~ what they call a lucky loser in tennis circles. 


Draw for the Second Round of the Winter Knockout 2013-2014


Vicky Bratty (1172) v  Mick Coward (1168)

Sam Stapelford-Allen (1289) v Paul Burton (1205)

Gary Sheriston (1283) v Ian Christopher (1148)

Maurice Clarke (1191) v Pete Sanderson (1205)


All contests to be shot by 23rd February ~ good luck to all involved.

Wednesday 5th February

The County Indoor Championships took place on Sunday ~ full results are available on the Notts Website ~ Click here for more information.  Congratulations to all our archers who shot well in a range of disciplines.  

We have three County Champions;

    Catherine Angus ~  Junior Lady Recurve

    Lukas Burton ~ Junior Gent Barebow

    Ian Christopher ~ Gents Compound ~ for the umpteenth time!

    Vicky Bratty came second Lady Recurve for the second year.  

Please note that the  entry form for the Western in September had a minor error ~ the closing date for entries being after the date of the shoot! Click here for the correct version.

Later the same day......

Entry forms for the Spring Western (Agincourt Volley) Tournament on Sunday 27th April and the Western (incorporating the Club Championships) on 14th September are now available.

Click here for the Spring Western

Click here for the September Western.

Friday 31st January 2014

You may have spotted that AGB is looking for potential Paralympic archers ~ see the AGB website for details.  Archery is not alone in this quest  Canoeing is also on a similar quest ~ see the GB Canoeing website.  I'm sure there will be other sports doing something similar, if you are aware of someone who might be interested/suitable for any of these opportunities, or others you come across, make sure they know about it.  I had the pleasure of attending the Paralympics in London, including seeing our ladies take Gold and Silver in the Compound Archery and got feel for how rewarding involvement in paralympic sport can be. Anything you can do to help/encourage it can only be positive.

Please note that for reasons of ill health and coach availability this evening's beginners course session has been postponed.

Wednesday 29th January 2014

Winter Knockout

Aplogies for a somewhat delayed start to the Winter Knockout this year, life got in the way a little to say the least.  As in previous years the Winter Knockout will be a handicap based competition based around the Bray 1 as that is a round that can be shot easily on a Friday evening and allows for the final to take place alongside the club indoor championships on 21st March.  If it is easier for you to shoot another round, e.g if both/all three competitors are doing a Portsmouth, that's fine Pete Sanderson and Simon Barnicott will be able to sort out the handicap allowances and let you know who has won.  Please note only those archers who have submitted an indoor score since the start of the indoor season are included in the draw  The Draw for the first round ~ to be shot by Sunday 9th February ~  is detailed below.  Please note several are three way contests.  All figures in brackets are the allowances you add to your score to get your final adjusted score.

1. Hazel Connolly (1361) v Sam Stapelford-Allen (1294) v Vicky Bratty (1186)
2. Dan Gray (1267) v Maurice Clarke (1191) v Simon Barnicott (1226)
3. Ian Christopher (1161) v Lee Stapleford-Allen (1212)
4. Mick Coward (1168) v Jim Johnson (1222) v James Dawkins (1205)
5. Adrianne Goodwin (1334) v Janet Smeeton (1189) v Chris Dawkins (1267)
6. James Cutler (1191) v Paul Burton (1205) v Sandy Sanderson (1191)
7. Pete Sanderson (1205) V Gregg Howarth (1239)
8.Russ Gibbs (1230) v Gary Sheriston (1289) V Shani Lambert-Coward (1191)

Subsequent rounds will be shot as follows:
                 ~ last eight by 23rd February
                 ~ last four by 9th March
                 ~ Final as above on 21st March alongside the club championships.
Simon may have score sheets for you but can't promise!  You will be able to work something out ~ whatever you do please pass the score to Simon or Pete Sanderson by the cut off date.

The Juniors Section of the Competition is rather more open.  To date we only have five people with a score ~ Catherine, Lukas, Becky, Saaras and Charlotte ~ and so don't need to start straight away, We aim to have it start alongside the Seniors Last Eight.  If any other Juniors want to take part could they please submit a score to Pete or Simon by 23rd February.

21st January 2014

As a member of the Nottinghamshire County Council Talented Coaches Programme for 2013 Simon Barnicott was privileged to be invited to attend the 22nd Nottinghamshire Sports Awards last night.  These were awards for success in a wide range of categories performers, coaches, teams, volunteers, able bodied and disabled.  The evening showcased the rich talent across the board that is present within the county in both professional and amateur sport and was an inspirational evening for all present. Among those honoured was Rio Henley who was named Young Coach of the Year ~ Rio is a Boccia Coach working with clubs in Notts as well as on a  National Talent Programme, but arguably more importantly (she may disagree) she is part of the Beginners Course currently running on Friday evenings.  Rio's first taste of archery came when Simon ran a session for the Talented Coaches programme last year.  She enjoyed it so much she not only came back for more but brought her mother and brother along as well


                                                    Rio in action on the right of the picture.

January 20th 2014

A belated Happy New Year to all.  We have had some good attendances on Friday Nights recently.  It is a good job we have been able to run the current Beginners Course in the Small Hall otherwise it might have been a tight squeeze.  In fact we will have that situation for the final two weeks of the course, please bear with us and be patient. 

Visitors please note that whilst you are welcome to come and shoot with us Club Members must take precedence, we will however endeavour to fit you in if possible.

Members should note that we have cancelled Sunday mornings on the field from the startt of February as they have been poorly attended.  However, if you wish to shoot let the centre know and so long as nothing else has been booked you will be good to go.

Congratulations to Catherine Angus who was presented with the Handicap Improvers Medal for 2013 last Friday.  It will be interesting to see if anyone can match her progress in 2014 ~ she improved her handicap from 56 to 43 an impressive 13 point improvement.  Others in double figures for improvement  were Steven (Sandy ) Sanderson who improved by 11 (53 to 42) whilst Pete Sanderson improved 10 from 54 to 44.  Congratulations to them.

Christmas Eve 2013

Just thought you might like to see the watercolour painting I am sending to New Zealand as our prize for the FOSS Challenge.  It's not the best scanning but I think you'll get the idea.... Click here to see it.

Monday 23rd December

Just a quick reminder that contrary to what you may have been told (OK by me) there is no shooting this coming Friday as the leisure centre is closing early ~ 3.45.

Last Friday we had our Christmas Shoot which this year featured an indoor clout using the AGB Arrows kit and a Jelly Bow "Reverse Dozen" ~ a dozen arrows at a standard Portsmouth face scored in reverse 10=1 through to 1=10 with line cutters scoring the lower number.  Several people were disappointed to get a line cutter that instead of giving them 10 gave them a miss. Interestingly many people opted to continue shooting the whole evening with their jelly bows rather than bring out their recurves. I wonder if we have started a trend?

Anyway have a great Christmas and I hope to see you in the New Year.

Sunday 15th December

I am pleased to be able to let you know that the results of the FOSS International Challenge are now available here.  You will see that the club did well and that ~ once they arrive ~ I'll be passing trophies on the Vickie and Ian ~ Jade Fishhooks from New Zealand and something else for Mick which will be coming from Bowmen of Minchinhampton. I managed to get a really nice, if unfinished, watercolour of the Robin Hood Statue in Nottingham for the New Zealanders and local calendar for the Minchinhampton people.  I am still tied up with things so don't quite know when I'll get around to posting them!

This coming Friday is the Christmas shoot and it now looks like I may be able to be there, which is a relief to me on several levels, not least because I've some interesting ideas for the evening.  Try to be there, it should be fun. 

Thursday 5th December

As the leisure Centre closes early (4.00pm) on Sunday 29th December we have cancelled shooting indoors that day.

Sunday 24th November

The 2014 Winter Knockout starts straight after New Year.  As in the last few years the round is normally a Bray 1 (though by agreement between the archers another indoor round can be substituted) and the competition will be shot on a Handicap basis ~ if you haven't yet got a handicap we can work something out and this is an opportunity for you to get one, that said there should be time before Christmas for you to shoot three rounds necessary to get a handicap.  

The Competition will have a Preliminary round followed by three knockout rounds leading up to the final on 21st March ~ our Final Indoor of the season ~ which will also be the evening when the Club Indoor Championships take place.  

The Club Championships is also a Bray 1 shot alongside the final and incorporates senior and junior competitions for whatever bow styles turn up on the day as well as an overall handicap award.

Later the same day....

The FOSS Challenge took place earlier today ~ that's the shoot against the club in New Zealand.  Some good scores were posted and I have sent the  results off so will let you know how we fared in due course.  Our top recurve was Mick Coward, followed closely by Vicky Bratty.  Adrianne Goodwin was top longbow, Ian Christopher top compound and Lukas Burton Top Junior Barebow

Sunday 17th November

The Archer Handicaps are now available in the same new format as the Club Records, with separate pages for Outdoor and Indoor, ordered by archer's first name.  Should you encounter any problems with this new format please let Russ know at

Thursday 14th November

The Club Records are now live.  

The FOSS Challenge ~ shoot against the club in New Zealand ~ is this Sunday.  Try to take part if you can.  

Sunday 10th November

You will have spotted that the website is back up and running.  I have added a new page covering Club Records but have yet to populate it with any information. Watch out for some records and targets for you to aim at beating in the near future.

Tuesday 29th October

Yesterday work started on a new teaching block for Toot Hill which will be on the land at the top end of the Leisure Centre Car Park  ~ you know the bit which floods when it rains and is used as an outdoor pool by some of the local youths.  Work will go on for 12 months and the top end of the car park will become the compound for the construction workers, there will still be pedestrian access around the outside of the building.  

This means that when we shoot outside, both over the winter and into the summer, it may be easier to park close to the centre and go through the main entrance and out of the back door.  I am sure we will individually work out what suits us best.

Broken Lights in the Main Hall ~ The Centre Manager advised us today that the electrician was due to come in last week while it was half term but decided instead to fit a new kitchen for himself and so never turned up.  He is expected this week and the  lights should be fixed soon after that.  Watch this space.....

Monday 28th October

We have been invited to shoot against Sarah and Scott Collet's club in New Zealand ~ sadly a postal shoot.  Details are available here. I propose that we shoot it on our second indoor Sunday afternoon ~ 17th November ~ but am prepared to alter that.  Let me know if you would like to take part and if you can think of a really good but easy to post prize.  

Handicap pages have been updated. 

Sunday 20th October ~ Sandy Sanderson wins the Bingham Ladder

Hazel Connolly and Sandy Sanderson won their respective Ladders this summer and decided to use the Belvoir Windsor today as their Ladder challenge final shoot.


The results were as follows:


Sandy scored 778 for a handicap adjusted score of 1401

Hazel scored 143 for a handicap adjusted score of 1377

So our ladder Champion for 2013 is Sandy Sanderson

Wednesday 9th October

We have added a short history of the club and would welcome comments from members current and past to add to it.  Click here for more detail.

Saturday 5th October

Don't forget that there is no shooting on Saturday 18th October as there is a cycling event taking place that day.

The Summer Ladder looks like being a shoot off between Sandy Sanderson and Hazel Conolly ~ with Hazel's massive handicap advantage I know where my money would be.

Sunday 28th September

Just a quick reminder that as well as Friday evenings we are shooting on the field on Saturday afternoon untikl the end of October ( with the exception of Saturday 18th as there is a cycling event taking place that day).  

The latest beginneers course started on Friday and we are using the Small Hall, at least for the first few weeks, so your shooting will be less disrupted than might otherwise be the case.  The stands have all now been adapted and worked well on Friday evening, by all accounts.  The net ~ we have two problems with it at present, some of the hooks have come loose at the top  and the pulley has broken.  Cai Bawden, the Centre's deputy Manager, is working with us to resolve these, in the meantime we don't need to hoist the net up out of the way just secure it with a bungy cord so that it doesn't flap around.

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