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Thursday 9th November

The AGM was held last night.  Seventeen senior members attended, which is just over 50% of the club.  I'm waiting for confirmation of the minutes but thought you would be interested in the structure of the incoming committee, especially as Les has stood down as chairman.

    • Chairman ~Julian Wenyon
    • Secretary ~ Simon Barnicott
    • Treasurer ~ Janet Smeeton
    • Two Committee members ~ Adrianne Goodwin and Shani Lambert Coward
Jon Philipps to be co-opted onto the committee to support the Secretary with a view to moving into the Secretary role in due course.  initially he is likely to be handling memberships and website issues ~ this to be agreed at the next full club committee meeting.

Non-Committee Officers:

    • Records Officer ~ Jon Towers (Julian Wenyon to act as back-up RO)
    • Safeguarding Officer ~ Kim Wenyon 
    • Accounts Checker ~ David Didsbury  
    • Equipment Officer ~ Les Smeeton
    • Tournament organiser ~ Paul Burton 

I am hoping to have the full minutes with club members by the weekend.

Wednesday 18th October


Friday 13th October

The website problems may have been sorted out, but for the time being please continue to use ~ ~ when emailing the club.

AGM papers were issued to members by email earlier this week.  Try to be there ~ 8/11/17 at the Royal oak Car Colston.

Don't forget there is no shooting a week tomorrow ~ Saturday 21st October due to a cycling event taking place at the Leisure Centre.

Saturday 7th October

The Club Records, Indoor and Outdoor Classification and Handicaps Pages have been updated and are correct as of 7th October 2017.  

Tuesday 26th September

The club's web domain is due for renewal and i have been struggling to get this sorted out.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed but am not holding my breath.  I will use the gmail email address ~ for the time being.

Tuesday 19th September

Results of the Autumn Western are available here  .  The Club championships were shot alongside the Western and the results for that are here.  Congratulations to all involved and many thanks to Paul for running the shoot.

Saturday 19th August

Hi Everyone, you've probably noticed from Simon's messages that I am not renewing my membership to BLCAC this year. This is purely based on my inability to get down to the club for the regular shooting times due to work commitments and was a difficult decision to make, as I've really enjoyed my time at the club and have met and become friends with a great group of people. I will miss you all, but hope to shoot as a visitor when possible and will probably see you at tournaments. As I am no longer a member, Julian has agreed to take over records on a temporary basis, so please forward any future records submissions to him. all records submitted up to today's date have been entered onto the system and passed on to Julian.


Pete Sanderson

Sunday 4th June

Rather belatedly the results of our Spring Western are available here.

Monday 8th May

Well done to everyone who took part in the League competition yesterday, after a chilly start we had a nice warm day, if a little breezy at times. Please remember that if you want to record your score for handicap purposes it first has to be converted to 5 zone. This is easily done by subtracting one point for every even number scored. If you don't want to convert them yourselves, just send me a picture of your scorecard and I'll do it for you.

Handicaps and club records pages have been updated today.

Thursday 4th May

A quick reminder for those shooting the League and Oregon Challenge on 7th May. The scoring on the day will be 10 zone, so for those of you wanting to record your scores for handicap purposes you will need to either keep a separate score card in 5 zone or photograph your competition score sheet and send it to me (Pete) so that I can convert it to 5 zone before entering it on the records system. 

Friday 21st April

This is a big weekend of archery for the club ~ our Spring Open Western and Agincourt Volley Tournament is in Sunday but there's a lot going on elsewhere. 

You may, perhaps, wonder where Shani and Mick Coward are this weekend as they aren't on the shooting line. Well they will be shooting but thousands of miles away in Auckland New Zealand where they are taking part in the World Masters Games. For more information about this click here.  I heard from Shani this morning, this is what she had to tell me 

We are both shooting a 720 head-2-head and we are both shooting a 25m & 18m indoor round. Mick has also entered into two field shoots, the IFFA and WA Field rounds. So Mick has 4 days of shooting and I only have 2 days of shooting. I'll try and get some photos to send over to you as we go along. We have an Opening Ceremony tonight and then a full days practice tomorrow. 
I have to say it is all very exciting over here for those that have entered the games but the locals know very little about it! 

We met up with Bernie and Sharon yesterday, Bernie shot in the NZ Nationals last week and came third.  He said it was so windy that if the shoot was happening in England it would have been cancelled, but here they just carried on! They're a hardy bunch the Kiwis. .

 The more observant amongst you will also have spotted, if you follow the link above, that Scott Collett, who used to be a Bingham Member and runs the annual FOSS Challenge shoot, is also taking part, representing New Zealnd this time.  I'm sure we would all wish them all the very best and hope that their arrows fly true.

Monday 10th April

Results of the 2017 Club Championships are as follows

Ladies Recurve
  1. Janet Smeeton                  ~ 250
  2. Shani Lambert-Coward    ~ 247
  3. Lucy Pinder                         ~ 217

Gentlemen Recurve
  1. Mick Coward                     ~ 254
  2. Chris Dawkins                   ~ 236
  3.  Julian Wenyon                 ~ 219

Gentlemen Compound
  1. Pete Sanderson                ~ 253

Ladies Longbow
  1. Adrianne Goodwin          ~ 70

Gentlemen Longbow
  1. Jon Philipps                       ~ 145

Junior Gentlemen Barebow
  1. Lukas Burton                     ~ 185

Junior Gentlemen Recurve
  1.  Anthony Riddell              ~ 77

Winter Knockout
  1. Jon Towers                        ~ 1445
  2. Gordon Crook                   ~ 1430

Winter Knockout Plate
  1. Julian Wenyon                 ~ 1410
  2. Robin Carter                     ~ retired

Club Handicap Champion 2017
  1. John Philipps                    ~ 1462

Congratulations to all our medallists.  There were some good scores too from others not listed above.

Don't forget we are now shooting the outdoor programme.  If you aren't on the Club's Facebook group it's a good idea to get onto it ~ that way you'll hear about things quicker than you might otherwise do and will also know who is likely to be shooting ~ so long as members remember to reply to Julian's weekly poll.

There's also the 252 to think about over the summer ~ see the website for more details.

Monday 3rd April

Winter Knockout and Plate Competition ~ Semi-Final Results (Winners in bold):


            John Towers ~ 1473  vs Lee Saxton ~ 1465

            Gordon Crook ~ 1466  vs Lukas Burton ~ 1438

  Plate Competition (for first round losers)

            Robin Carter ~ 1473  vs Pete Sanderson  ~ DNS

            Julian Wenyon ~ 1434 vs Chris Dawkins ~ DNS

 So the finals are as follows with revised allowances shown:


          John Towers ~  1306  vs   Gordon Crook ~ 1267


          Robin Carter ~  1323  vs Julian Wenyon ~  1191

The finals are this Friday (7th April) and will take place alongside the Club Indoor Championships.  As you know I'm unable toattend so I look forward to hearing about some good scores,

close contests and that everyone has a good end to the Indoor season.

Tuesday 28th March

The Agenda for the EMAS AGM is available here.

BOOST 5 takes place tomorrow ~ 7.30 in the Multi Activity Room.  Les will start the session looking at preparations to shoot ~ not just competition.  I'll then look at a very practical aspect ~ Developing a Shooting Programme/Routine.

Wednesday 15th March

I've added a link to Target Crazy on the Links Page.  This is a new and growing resource with lots of information you may find useful ~ I have not checked the content so you will have to 

decide what you like ~ let me know what you think.

Monday 13th March

Summer Programme 2017 available here.

BOOST 5 will take place on Wednesday 29th March.  We will be looking at two main areas:

  • Preparing to Shoot ~N.B. this is not just about competition, you need similar preparation for a good afternoon of practice on the field.
  • Developing a Shot Programme/Routine ~ which is aimed at making you more self sufficient on the shooting line, so that you can avoid problems arising and deal with them when they do.
We have a brand new Trophy for the Plate Competition ~ don't forget all semi-final ties must be shot by 31st March.

Monday 6th March

Club records, indoor handicaps and indoor classifications updated.

Monday 27 February

Results of the Quarter Finals of the Winter Knockout are as follows:

Knockout (Winners in Bold)

Jenny Cutler ~ DNS --- Jon Towers 1470

Lee Saxton ~ 1485 --- Gary Sheriston 1403

Ellie Bentley 1444 ---- Gordon Crook 1471

Stuart Kelly 1424 ----- Lukas Burton 1429

Plate Competition

Emily Hodge ~ 1428 --- Pete Sanderson ~ 1444 --- Kim Wenyon ~1398

Simon Barnicott ~ DNS --- Chris Dawkins 1452 --- Paul Burton ~ 1415

Julian Wenyon ~ 1428 --- Mick Coward ~ DNS ~ Jeff Ambler ~ DNS

Lucy Pinder ~ DNS ---- Robin Carter ~ 1488

The Draw for the Semi-Final of both Competitions are as follows (new allowances shown in brackets:

Jon Towers ~ 1323  vs Lee Saxton ~ 1243
Gordon Crook ~ 1283 vs Kukas Burton ~ 1257

Robin Carter ~ 1334  vs Pete Sanderson  ~ 1166
Julian Wenyon ~ 1191 vs Chris Dawkins ~ 1189

All ties to be shot by 31st March.  The Finals will be shot alongside the Club Championships on Friday 7th April.

Monday 6th February


Yesterday twelve of us took part in the Notts County Championships ~ my first for about 14 years! There were some good scores and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves at this well run tournament. The results have not yet been posted and, as we all shot the first session and had no-one at the last, we've no idea where the medals went.  As soon as I know i'll let you know. It was good to see Jill Angus there, returning a trophy Catherine won last year. Evidently Catherine has settled well to university life and is enjoying her course.  No doubt we will see her on the line over the summer.

Monday 30th January

Results of Round 1 of the Winter Knockout ~ Winners shown in bold:

Bradley Wilson DNS
0Jenny Cutler 
Lee Saxton 
1504Emily Hodge 
Robin Carter 
1442Kim Wenyon 
1353Eleanor Bentley 
Gary Sheriston 
1486Paul Burton 
1403Jeff Ambler 
Lucy Pinder 
1437Gordon Crook 
1474Mick Coward 
Julian Wenyon 
1431Stuart Kelly 
1470Chris Dawkins 
Simon Barnicott 
1447Lukas Burton 
1460Peter Sanderson 
Jon Towers 
1465Janet SmeetonDNS 0

The draw for the Quarter Finals (with allowances) is as follows:
Jenny Cutler 1230 Jon Towers 1334
Lee Saxton 1272 Gary Sheriston 1306
Eleanor Bentley 1294 Gordon Crook 1306
Stuart Kelly 1226 Lukas Burton 1252

As you know, this year we are running a "Plate Competition" for those knocked out in Round 1 ~ n.b. only those who submitted a score are entered in the Plate.  
The Draw for the Plate Quarter finals (with allowances) is as follows:

Emily Hodge  1267 Pete Sanderson 1168 Kim Wenyon  1262
Simon Barnicott 1234 Chris Dawkins 1194 Paul Burton 1191
Julian Wenyon 1191 Mick Coward  1182 Jeff Ambler  1230
Lucy Pinder  1238 Robin Carter  1356

All rounds to be shot by Sunday 26th February.

Saturday 28th January

Due to continuing problems with email i have set up an new account for the club ~ ~ please use that address until further notice.  Could all club members send an email to that address to ensure I have your most up to date contact details to hand.

Sunday 22nd January

My problems with the club's email continue ~ having managed to load it up on an old Netbook that has now also failed.  I can get into the website and change that but as soon as I try to use email it comes up saying "setting up" and then nothing happens.  I can access it on my tablet but that doesn't give me email addresses or access to folders so is not as useful as it might be.  Watch this space ~ chances are nothing will happen but you never know!

Saturday 21st January

FOSS CHALLENGE ~ trophies have now been received from Bowmen of Minchinhampton for Pete Sanderson, as highest scoring BLCAC Archer, and East Belfast Archers for Lukas Burton, as top scoring barebow archer.  I will bring them along on Friday and hopefully be a ble to present them to the two of them.

Wednesday 11th January

Shooting on Sunday 22nd January has been moved to Sunday 29th.

Sunday 8th January 2017

Happy New year to all readers.

We are pleased to announce that the club has been successful in obtaining a small grant from AGB's BOOST Fund.  This means we will be able to run extra coaching and development sessions for club archers throughout 2017.

Friday 30th December

Julian sourced a couple of Notts related prizes for the FOSS Challenge: Click here for a photo.  Or here for another.

Thursday 29th December

Results of the FOSS Challenge shoot are now available.  Congratulations to Pete Sanderson, who will receive a prize fro Bowmen of Minchinhampton as the highest scoring Bingham archer.  Our prizes will be despatched to New Zealand and Northern Ireland shortly ~ photos to follow. Full details of the results are available here.


Wednesday 21st December

After an initial hiccup, the updated allowances for all archers for round 1 of the knockouts have been inserted in the below entry. These have been double checked against the GNAS tables to ensure accuracy.

Tuesday 20th December ~ WINTER KNOCKOUT 2017

We had 21 archers submit qualifying scores for this year's Knockout.  That's more than for the last few years and means we have five three way ties.  The draw is detailed below ~ figures in brackets are the allowances your handicap gives you.  These need to be added to your total:

Actual Score + Allowance = Final Score

We will use the final score to work out who goes through to Round 2.  Please note all those knocked out in Round 1 will be entered for the Plate Competition ~ that will be 13 archers in total.  N.B. if you fail to shoot your round you will not be entered into the Plate.

Bradley Wilson (1350) v Jenny Cutler (1230)
Lee Saxton (1317) v Emily Hodge (1267)
Robin Carter (1361) v Kim Wenyon (1262) v Ellie Bentley (1317)
Gary Sheriston (1329) v Paul Burton (1191) v Jeff Ambler (1230)
Lucy Pinder (1238) v Gordon Crook (1340) v Mick Coward (1182)
Julian Wenyon (1191) v Stuart Kelly (1243) v Chris Dawkins (1197)
Simon Barnicott (1234) v Lukas Burton (1262) v Pete Sanderson (1169)
Jon Towers (1345) v Janet Smeeton (1191)

All rounds must be shot by Friday 27th January and scores (Pure and adjusted) passed to Pete Sanderson or Simon Barnicott.  The round is the Bray 1, however by agreement between all archers in the tie a Portsmouth or other indoor round can be substituted ~ Pete will be able to provide an allowance for any other round used

Sunday 11th December

Thirteen members shot the FOSS CHALLENGE this afternoon. There was some good shooting and decent scores at an unfamiliar distance.  I've sent the scores off to New Zealand and will let you know how we fared ion due course.  In the meantime if you want to see the scores click here.

Handicap tables also updated for those who have now achieved a starting handicap.

Monday 5th December

So after an enjoyable day at the Indoor Nationals for Robin and Julian, Robin now has an indoor handicap just in time for the winter knockout. 

Well done to both for representing the club at a top level event.

Later the same day

Handicaps demystified ~ click here.

Sunday 4th December

Congratulations to Jeff Ambler and Jon Towers on achieving an indoor handicap.  I gather that a few others are not far behind them.  The more people with handicaps the better as it makes the Winter Knockout much more interesting.  The chances are that in January we will start with a ranking round open to anyone with an Indoor Handicap  ~ outdoor handicaps are irrelevant to an indoor competition.  I will be putting a new page on the website covering handicaps in the next few days.

Sunday 11th December ~ we will be shooting the FOSS International Challenge against River Glad Archer in New Zealand, Belfast Archers and Bowmen of Minchinhampton.  The round is an oddity designed just for this competition and to accommodate lack of shooting space in Belfast ~ 60 arrows at 14m on a 40cm face.   Many of you will have seeen a boss out at that distance on Friday and there's a chance again to practice it next Friday.

Thursday 3rd November

Competitions pages updated with entry forms for our Westerns ~ N.B. the open Western in September doubles up as our club championships.  All members should try to take part. 

Sunday 16th October

Winter Knockout and Boost 3

The 2017 Winter Knockout will start straight after New Year.  The round we will shoot is the Bray 1 ~ 30 arrows at 20 yards on a 40 cm target face, ten zone scoring ~ (though by agreement between the archers another indoor round can be substituted) and the competition will be shot on a Handicap basis ~ if you haven't got a handicap yet there is plenty of  time before Christmas for you to shoot the three rounds necessary to get one.  

If you wish to take part you need to shoot a Bray 1 between now and Christmas, ideally shoot a few. We'll then use your best score, adjusted by handicap,  to sort out who goes into the draw after Christmas.  This is a bit like the ranking rounds used for the Olympics and suchlike.  After Christmas I anticipate three or four knockout rounds, depending on numbers, leading up to the final on Friday 7th April 2016 ~ our final indoor session of the winter season ~ which will also be the evening when the Club Indoor Championships take place.

For those people knocked out in Round 1: this year, for the first time, we'll have a Plate Competition ~ essentially a knockout for first round runners up (like Bargain Hunt we don't have losers) culminating in a final alongside everything else on 7th April. 

This year, as we have very few junior members, at present, I will not be running a separate Junior Knockout.  Instead they will be incorporated into the main competition ~ so long as they have a handicap.

The Club Championships,  shot alongside the Knockout finals, incorporates senior and junior competitions for whatever bow styles turn up on the day as well as an overall handicap award

BOOST 3 ~ I've booked the Garden Room at the Royal Oak, Car Colston for this session on Wednesday 26th October (Middle of Half term week in Notts) ~ 7.30 onwards. The session will cover two areas:

  1. Tuning the Archer ~ Les will talk about the mental side of archery and how to get ready for competition.  Interestingly I see, in the latest ArcheryUK magazine, that this is an area that Richard Priestman is concentrating on with the elite squad, so we're in good company.
  2. Maintenance ~ coaches will cover a range of topics including:
    • arrows ~ fletching, straightening, shortening (important when you move onto a clicker) and setting them up to begin with.
    • nocking points ~ locating and tying them, different options for nocks.
    • strings ~ waxing, re-serving and making.
    • tabs ~ yes they need maintaining especially the more sophisticated ones.
    • your bow ~ things to check each time you shoot (a bit of revision for some of you)
    • Anything else we think of or you ask for.

Thursday13th October

The AGM is on 21st November (Monday) at the Royal Oak Car Colston ~ members should check emails for full details.

Sunday 9th October


Saturday 8th October

Well done to both Simon Barnicott and Stuart Kelly on achieving 252 badges at 50yds and 40yds respectively. Also to Janet Smeeton on 

submitting a first 252/50 score (on reflection this was her second so she gets the badge too).

Now that we are moving to the indoor season, remember that when scoring indoor 10 zone rounds, only 10s count as golds.

Finally, I have updated the handicaps page to show the opening handicaps and classifications for the 2016-2017 indoor season.

Sunday 18th September

Results of the Open Western are available here.  Congratulations to all who shot.

Congratulations to Chris Dawkins who is the second recurve archer to earn a 60yard 252 badge, having achieved it yesterday.

We had a thin turnout on Friday indoors and a better one on Saturday on the field ~ don't forget we shoot outside until the end of October.

Tuesday 13th September

I gather that the Western went well on Sunday.  I'll put the results on-line once they are available.

Congratulations to Paul and Lukas on getting their 40 yard 252 badge and to Julian for being the first recurve archer to get it at 60 yards. To date 12 archers have been awarded a total of 16 badges. There's time between now and the end of October, when we finish on Saturdays, to get some more.

Don't forget indoor shooting starts this Friday.

Sunday 21st August

The Winter programme 2016-17 is available here. PLease note I am waiting for confirmation from BLC so there may be some slight changes.

Due to a cycling event there is no shooting on 15th October.

Saturday 19th August

Just wanted to say thank you to Julian for looking after the records for me whllst I was away on my jollies. I'm now back and up to date so if you could all revert back to sending scores to me that would be great.

Pete Sanderson

Sunday 14th August

Well done to all who have taken part in the Nottinghamshire League shoots this year. Bingham did well with Adrianne Goodwin winning the Ladies Longbow medal, Lukas Burton winning the Junior Barebow medal and 

single handedly winning the Team Junior Barebow Trophy for Bingham. Julian Wenyon won the Recurve Handicap medal. Bingham also came 3rd in both the Team Longbow and Handicap Team Recurve!  Maybe in a year or so we

can get back to winning the overall team trophy again.

Tuesday 2nd August

Membership renewals due now ~ some have strated to trickle in, many thanks.

Competitions page updated ~ Bowmen of Glen in September.

Saturday 16th July

Handicaps page updated after Julian Wenyon shot a Long National round today. He did very well to shoot below handicap in very difficult gusty conditions. Also Janet shot her first 252/40 round. We'll be needing a lot more badges if the 252 continues to be this popular, so keep up the good work everyone.

Sunday 19th June

We had a decent turnout for the second Summer Postal League shoot yesterday, but still plenty of room for more archers on the field.  Shani will send the scores in and I'll publish results/league standings here in due course.

Saturday 18th June

An updated version of the entry form for our Open Western in Septemeber (also the club championships) is available now ~ click here.

A couple of photos have been added to the photos page ~ apologies I couldn't get one of them the right way up, I'll work on it.

Tuesday 7th June

Yesterday the report of the Bingham Community Led Plan initiative was launched at a meeting with key stakeholders and later with members of the public.  Around 150 people attended the public

meeting which was around what the Steering Group anticipated.  Printed copies of the full report will be available at the health centre and Library in Bingham as well as at Bingham fair this weekend.

You can also download copies of the report and look at the raw data from the Community Plan website.  The section of most interest to the club concerns Sports and recreation and the Leisure Centre in particular.

I don't think there are any real surprises and the Leisure Centre Manager told me this morning that he found it very positive and helpful.  At the Stakeholders Meeting a representative of Rushcliffe Borough

Council said that the borough will be reviewing its Leisure Strategy in the nrear future, I think he said over the next ten months, and that Bingham Leisure Centre will be the next big priority for the Borough

once work on Rushcliffe Arena has been completed.  Rest assured we will be working with the Borough, Leisure Centre, Torch Academy and other interested parties  to help ensure the future provision of sport

generally and archery in particular  on the current site.

Monday 6th Jun

The 252 scheme is gathering pace ~ Janet Smeeton and Lucy Pinder have now acheived their 40yard Blue badges and Pete Sanderson has a 60 yard bronze to add to his 50 yard red.  

The good news for those taking part is that I have just completed the badge order form and so badges should be available really soon.

Monday 30th May

I'm back now from working at the European Championships for over the last week.  I know a few of you attended on the Sunday and, I hope, had a good time.  There was some fantastic shooting.  The Turkish Recurve archer who 

came second overall is only sixteen and is clearly a great prospect for the future.  Patrick Huston secured a place for GB at the Rio Olympics and the team will be going out to Turkey in the near future to aim to secure more places.

Congratulations to Chris Dawkins who over the weekend secured a Blue Badge under the 252 scheme ~ I will get around to buying some badges later this week.

Wednesday 18th May

Our Have-a-go for the Wolds Guides and Brownies last Sunday went off really well. There were just short of 400 girls there o the day and I think we saw most of them on the line at least once and some a lot more than that.  Starting around 10.20 we had four girls on the line all the time with a queue constantly ready to replace them.  Many thanks to everyone who helped ~ Kim, Julian, Emily, Dom, Kathryn, Adrianne and Les. 

On Saturday our first Summer Postal League shoot was poorly attended but we managed to field  the four teams as intended:

Recurve team A ~ Mick Coward, Chris and James Dawkins (Chris was nine points ahead of his brother and counted it a sucessful day as a result).

Recurve team B ~ Julian Wenyon, Stewart Kelly and yours truly

Longbow ~ Rus Dawson and Adrianne Goodwin

Compound ~ Pete and Sandy Sanderson ~ I gather Pete edged the score slightly but even beating Sandy didn't mean he was happy.

The next League shoot is on 18th June,  so try to be there and make the competition for places a bit keener.

Pete sanderson has also qualified for a 252 badge ~ see the 252 page.

Thursday 5th May

Well done to Julian Wenyon, the first to qualify for a 252 badge. See 252 page in Club Info. 

Monday 2nd may

Summer Postal League ~ I have just had confirmation that the first shoot will remain on 14th May.  Shani is unavailable so Adrianne has kindly agreed to collate  the scores.  A short metric is 3 dozen each at 50m and 30m on an 80cm face.  The National, for longbows, is 4 dozen at 60y and 2 dozen at 50y on a 122 cm face.

Sunday 1st May

Summer Postal League ~ we entered two teams in the Postal League this Winter and should be able to report on our success, or otherwise, in the near future.  This Summer we have entered teams in a Summer Postal League. ~ two Recurve, one Compound and one Longbow team. The Recurve teams will comprise three archers each whilst the compound and longbow teams have two in each.  The Recurve and Compounds will shoot a Short Metric and the longbows a national ~ both 6 dozen arrows.  We are planning to shoot these on:

     *   14th May ~ this is subject to review and may be moved to the end of the month
     *   18th June
     *   23rd July
     *   20th Aug
     *   17th Sept

Shani will run things but it would be good if you could let her/me know that you would like to take part that way we won't need to twist your arms and force you into it!

Saturday 30th April

Results of the Spring Western are available here.  Well done to everyone who took part.

Good luck to all those taking part in the firsts Notts League Shoot at Bramcote tomorrow.

Sunday 24th April (amended with typos removed I hope)

We were lucky with the weather for the Spring Western ~ it was chilly and there was a tricky and sometimes strong breeze but at least it stayed dry. The shoot went off really well, with a record being set for setting up, I think, and no major problems during the shoot.  Amazingly the metal detectors were not put into use once and we only had to change one boss.  Some good scores were recorded, full results to follow, and I know that several members brought their handicaps down quite a way.  The Handicap Improvement medal will be strongly contested this year I think.

Many thanks to Paul Burton for his hard work in organising the shoot ~ without him putting in the hard hours it would not be the event it was.  I think Jenny would agree with me that being given a bottle of wine for being Lady P and Field Captain respectively, whilst welcome, is totally undeserved when compared with Paul's efforts. Many thanks too to the filed party  both at the start and finish ~ you did a great job.

Wednesday 13th April

Well that's the indoor season over and we are now into outdoor shooting. The summer programme is available here.

There was a smaller than usual turnout for the Indoor Championships last week ~ being the end of the Easter Holidays for some and the middle for others didn't help.  There were some good scores and a couple of very close calls.  I can imagine the conversations in the Sanderson and Dawkins families. For full details of the results Click here.

Now that we are into outdoor shooting it's a good time to up your game and why not follow the 252 scheme ~ click here for details..

Monday 21st March

We have added a new page to the website to give information about our Coaching team. Click here for details.

Tuesday 15th March

We are proud to announce that BLCAC has been accredited by ArcheryGB under two onTarget Specialisms ~ Community and Young People.  

This reflects the work we do in the community aimed at enabling as many people as possible to experience archery and the work we do with young people in the club, at Toot Hill Archery Club (which we run) and with other young people's groups.  For more information about the two accreditations click on the links below:

 ~ Community

~ Young People

Friday 26th February

Some of us went to shoot at the Pilgrim Bowmen Brass Monkey last Sunday, in Boston, Lincs. Conditions could be described as challenging.  Jon Philipps won the longbow trophy by some margin. Everyone enjoyed the day and

it was a really good experience of shooting in very strong wind! Click here for the results of the shoot

Report by Julian Wenyon  ~ as I'm sure Julian will attest shooting on Bingham's field generally presents a bit of wind but I know from the past that Pilgrim's field is very open and windswept.

Monday 22nd February

The handicaps and classifications have been recalculated for the 2016 outdoor season and are on the handicaps page under club info.

The Club Records have also been updated and are on the club records page under club info.

Thursday 11th February

Results of round 1 are as follows (winners in Bold):

Kim Wenyon  1449 vs David Didsbury  1436
Jim Johnson 1391  vs Jon Phillips 1442
Lucy Pinder 1443 vs Julian Wenyon 1468
Steven Sanderson 1418 vs Jenny Cutler (DNS) vs Janet Smeeton 1453
Chris Dawkins 1446 vs Emily Hodge 1395
Paul Burton 1446 vs James Dawkins 1442
Michael Coward 1429 vs Pete Sanderson (DNS)
Simon Barnicott 1420  vs Shani Lambert-Coward 1389

The draw for the Quarter Finals is as follows (figures in brackets are the allowances for the round):

Kim Wenyon  (1289)  vs Chris Dawkins (1194)
Jon Phillips  ( 1340) vs Julian Wenyon (1219)
Paul Burton (1194)  vs Janet Smeeton (1194)
Michael Coward ( 1176) vs Simon Barnicott (1238)

​ Rounds to be shot by 12th March.  Good luck to everyone.

Saturday 6th February

The Competitions Page  has been further updated.

Thursday 4th February

The Competitions Page has been updated with the Notts Calender a few of the entry forms available at the click of your mouse. More competitions available on the EMAS Rolling Calender. I will try to keep this as current as I can but as each entry form takes a few minutes to capture save and create a link don't expect miracles. 

If you have any entry forms not on the list send them to me and I'll see what I can do to put them in place.

For those of you new to competition the Notts League and Burton Joyce Breakfast Shoot are worth looking at.

Wednesday 27th January

Notts League dates now available ~ click here for details.

Tuesday 26th January 

It's Jim Johnson's birthday today ~ 80 and still going strong.  I hope you will join me in wishing him all the very best.

Sunday 10th January

Please note the revised shooting programme ~ now includes 17th January, not 7th as previously shown inerror.

Monday 4th January 2016 ~ Happy New Year


The draw for the Winter Knockout was quite straightforward this year.  As only 16 people had put in qualifying scores they made up those taking part in the first round.  The draw is as follows :


Kim Wenyon
David Didsbury1252
Jim Johnson1215v
Jon Phillips1340
Lucy Pinder 1262v
Julian Wenyon1238
Steven Sanderson1151v
Jenny Cutler1226
Chris Dawkins1197v
Emily Hodge1257
Paul Burton1197v
James Dawkins1189
Michael Coward1200v
Peter Sanderson1164
Simon Barnicott1238v
Shani Lambert-Coward1191

Apologies for the odd formatting I tried to do it from Pete's spreadsheet and got lost along the way!  The allowances are based on a Bray 1.  If you decide to shoot another round, a Portsmouth perhaps, that's fine but you need to let Pete and me know as your allowance will be different.

All first round ties need to be shot by Friday 7th February.  Subsequent rounds will be shot by 12th March and 1st April with the final on 8th April.


As we only had five people qualify I have decided to run the Junior KO slightly differently this year.  You will need to shoot a Bray 1 in January, then another three during February and March.  That means you should have four scores available ~ the two archers scoring highest on handicap over those four rounds will qualify for the final on 8th April.  Those taking part, with initial allowances (these will change as the months progress and handicaps change) are as follows:

  • Eleanor Bentley ~ 1306
  • Bradley Wilson ~ 1361
  • Brett Pasquill ~ 1312
  • Catherine Angus ~ 1200
  • Lukas Burton ~ 1278

 Good luck everyone.

Monday 21st December

The draw for the Winter Knockout will be made over the Christmas break ~ watch this space for more details.

Friday 18th December

It was good to see a healthy turnout for the Christmas Shoot this evening.  We shot at a wide range of target faces, including the inside of a a polystyrene cup.  Most ends were shot with our own bows but a few were with Jelly Bows, including some "reverse handed".  As ever the competitive side came out in lots of us.  We don't shoot now until after New Year so I hope you all have a great festive break.

Wednesday December 9th

New Scoresheet tool added on the Links page. Let me know if you have any problems with this or any other part of the website ~ I try to keep it working but only know what's not when I stumble across it or someone lets me know.

Later on Monday 23rd September ~ I can't remember which year but until I equal or better this end it stays here!

On Friday we identified that some changes were needed to the indoor stands and I said I would ask for volunteers to help do this.  Paul Burton offered to check how easy it was on Monday (today) and managed to change 6 of the nine stands.  I will have a go at the other three on Wednesday.  So all being well we'll have all nine adapted as discussed last week. many thanks to Paul for his efforts this afternoon ~ I expected him to do just one so managing to alter six is a real bonus.

Thanks also to Jim for providing me with this photo taken a couple of ends into practice last Friday~ modesty prevents me from saying who it was shot these three arrows, I'll let you guess!  Suffice it to say things went downhill from this point onwards!