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Thursday 27th June

You may be aware that Simon is currently taking part in the Nottinghamshire Talented Coaches programme for 2013, amongst other things this is aimed at helping coaches improve and broaden their range of skills and coaches on the programme come from almost every sport you could think of.  Having benefited from the programme Simon offered to run an archery session for other coaches, an offer which Pete Forster, who runs the programme, was keen to accept. Last night that session, which falls under our Sport England Project, took place in the Main Hall at the Leisure Centre.  Whilst the numbers involved were lower than originally hoped, it went well and was well received.  The aim was to give coaches from other sports a chance to see what we do in archery and the issues we face, with a view to seeing if a) we could do anything better and b) whether there is anything we do which is transferable to other sports.  All this alongside an opportunity to shoot in something beyond a basic Have-a-go type environment.  In addition to Simon, Adrianne Goodwin, Les Smeeton, James Cutler and Pete Sanderson were on hand both to help and demonstrate ~ as well as practice for themselves (not Les....).  The coaches taking part had the opportunity to shoot recurve, longbow and compound bow and quickly progressed from shooting at 10 yards to 15 and eventually 20 yards, with one or two showing a lot of promise.  Speaking for myself it was interesting to see the approach the coaches on the programme took and the type of questions they asked.   Many thanks to the coaches and club members who turned up and made it an enjoyable and worthwhile session (for me at any rate!).



Wednesday 26th June, 

The Handicap Tables have been updated ~ Gregg has brought his handicap down th 61 (3rd Class) whilst Records Officer Pete  has moved to Second Class Archer.

Every Year AGB runs a Junior July Nationals competition.  The details are available if you click here.....  If any junior wants to take part all they need do is shoot the appropriate round, have their score verified by an adult and send of the paperwork. A national is doable in an evening and definitely in an afternoon.

On Monday 8th July we will be running a competition for schools at Toot Hill.  At present just Toot Hill and Robert Miles are confirmed but other schools are expected to be taking part.  It will take place between 3.30 and 5.00 and if any member would like to come along to help out (scoring setting out the bosses etc) feel free ~  you would be very welcome.

Monday 24th June

We have been asked to cancel our shooting on Saturday 19th October due to a cycling event that day.  I have agreed and hope it does not cause you too many problems.

Ladder results :

Pete Sanderson beat Jim Johnson

Simon Barnicott w/o beat Pete Heydon

Thursday 20th June

The weather was kind for the Rolls Royce Midsummer shoot last night ~ as Richard Gentle said at the start "For once it does look like Midsummer".  There was a record turnout with 27 bosses set up , mostly with four archers.  Our contingent did well:

  •   Catherine Angus took first Junior Lady Recurve ~ beating most of the other club members there in doing so
  •   Mick Coward was First Gent Recurve wining a tight tussle with Chris Joyce from Burton Joyce ~ I think he won on countback!
  •   Ian Christopher took  first Gents Compound with a near perfect score (644 out of 648)
  •   Lukas Burton took first junior gent barebow
  •   Adrianne Goodwin was second lady longbow
  •   Russ Gibbs won the obligatory raffle prize as well as clearing 500.

All in all a good evening for all concerned. Peter advises me that Catherine, Russ and he have all brought their handicaps down folloowing the shoot ~ I have updated the Handicaps page accordingly. 

Wednesday 19th June

Results of the Oregon Challenge are now available but I have been asked to keep them out of the public domain for a while ~ so if you read them here before and can't find them now that's the reason (oh and keep them to yourself!).  Bingham did very well, as already reported.  The results are not broken down into relative positions for the League as a whole and I've not the patience to work it out today ~ but a quick look suggests that we remain in a strong position to retain , or at least challenge for, the Senior Team trophy.  As this sheet only covers the Oregon I can't comment on the situation with juniors as a whole.

This evening is the Rolls Royce Midsummer shoot with a large Bingham contingent planning to shoot.  This will give pete Sanderson the opportunity to test out the new Records/Handicap Program which we have bought in order to make the job of the records officer easier. Please make sure you pass Pete any scores you have so that records are as up to date as possible.  He can be reached at ~ .  Remember that at the end of the year your handicap is varied in line with the best three scores you submit and that during the year it can only come down (upward movements are at year end only) so there is no point not sending scores in just because you don't like them. 


Sunday 16th June

The weather on Saturday was not the best and this had an impact on the turnout for Cotgrave Festival.  Our have-a-go attracted some attention but with bosses and backstop netting being blown down we decided in mid-afternoon to call it a day and pack up. Club funds were increased but not by anything like as much as at Bingham Fair ~ maybe in future years when the Festival is better established that will change, we'll have to see.  Many thanks to all those who turned up to help out ~ Les, Janet, Jim, Ian, Adrianne, Shani and Mick, plus yours truly.  Jim entertained all by wandering round dressed as a medieval knight and even had people asking to be photographed with him ~ suggestions that they were putting together some form of video nasty have been strongly denied.  During the afternoon Janet, Mick and I had a brief jelly bow competition with  the honours being shared by Janet and Mick with me a few points behind. Mick also brought along a bowstand he has made for us which will be really useful especially when we run courses indoors ~ it fits about six bows and is clearly better than using the floor.

Please note that we will be running a Beginners course over the four Saturdays starting 29th June.  I can't confirm numbers yet as people have not replied to my email confirming their interest but it is likely to be between six and ten people..  I'm sure you will make them all very welcome.  The last Beginners course (Saturday and Monday) has lead to 11 applications to join the club so far with four of those people already active in the club.  I have a feeling thast we will end the year with something close to record numbers of members, which I think is testament to the fact that we aim to be friendly and inclusive to all.  Thanks to all members  for that.

This week sees the first two Ladder Challenges ~ I have challenged Pete Heydon and Pete Sanderson has challenged Jim.  If you are unsure about the ladder just ask and get shooting, it will add that little edge of competition to your shooting and there is a really nice trophy at the end of it.

Finally for information in connection with our Sport England project please see the dedicated page on the website.

Thursday 13th June

Please remember that there is a summer ladder this year and a very nice trophy to be won.  If you want to raise a challenge but can't contact the person you want to shoot against get in touch with Simon.

Wednesday 12th June

Further apologies from me ~ I neglected to mention that not only did John Hunton make the Oregon Longbow team at the weekend but he also won a raffle prize. I think that was John's first attempt at the Oregon so belated congratulations are in order.

Tuesday 11th June

Having had Sandy down as a lady for the first League shoot and then called him John (his real name being Steven) on some other forms, my problems with the Sandersons continues.  Evidently it was Sandy not Pete who won the two raffle prizes ~ Pete says he isn't that lucky, I guess getting the good looks and brains was sufficient.

Monday 10th June

We were blessed with good weather for the second League Shoot (incorporating the Oregon Challenge) yesterday and BLCAC performed well overall. Mick Coward and Sandy Sanderson made the Oregon Team ~ Mick for the umpteenth time and Sandy at the first attempt which is impressive! Ian once again was top compound and also made the Oregon team.  There were three juniors shooting the full distance with our own Catherine Angus being top junior archer ~ had she shot as a senior she would have been First Lady Recurve and made the senior Oregon Team! Congratulations Catherine, let's hope you inspire some of our other juniors to follow in your footsteps.  This year for the first time there was a Masters Category for archers over 50 who did not make the full Oregon Team.  I know you'll find this hard to believe, as they all look so young, but Maurice Clarke, Pete Sanderson and Simon Barnicott took three of the four gents seniors medals with, an even more youthful looking, Adrianne Goodwin taking one of the lady longbow medals.  I've no idea how things stand with respect to the team awards but guess we'll still be fairly well placed. Even more importantly Bingham did well in the raffle ~ Pete took two prizes, Adrianne one (just missing out on the last bottle of wine), with Ian, Lukas Burton and Maurice also successful.  A great day ~ why not get involved for the final shoot on 11th August (let Simon know by Monday 5th August).

Saturday was also a great day ~ beautiful weather and a steady stream of people trying out archery on the club's have-a-go at Bingham Fair.  Many thanks to all those who turned up and helped (Les, Janet, Jan, James, Pete, Sandy, Kate, Dan ~ not yet officially a member but after Saturday a clear asset ~ and anyone else I have forgotten. Not only did all their hard work help swell club coffers ~ which means your shooting fees won't need to go up by as much as they otherwise might ~ but also we picked up a number of people interested in doing a beginners course.  So what I thought might be a small group starting at the end of the month has swelled to around a dozen.  Kate, Kathryn and Les aren't available for every week planned so Simon and Jim may well be looking to you for support  ~ I'll say thanks in anticipation.

Finally this Saturday 17th June is Cotgrave Festival of Sport at the Miners Welfare in Cotgrave.  We will run a have-a-go session on the day and, if the same event last year, which was on the day the Olympic Flame passed Bingham, is anything to go by we will be kept busy.  Setting up is from 8.00 and things get moving at 10.00.  All help is welcome and encouraged ~ there is a beer tent not too far from where we will be and there are plenty of other sports available for you to try out, as the programme shows.

Tuesday 4th June.  

Don't forget to try to get to Bingham fair and help out on the Club's have-a-go stand.  The forecast looks good so we anticipate a busy day, the more hands the better.

Rolls Royce's  Midsummer shoot is a fortnight tomorrow June 19th .  This is a really good shoot so try to get along if you can.  Click here for the entry form.

Wednesday 22nd May

Welbeck Archers are to host the first ever ‘National Junior Masters’ on the 4th August 2013.
It will be a one day event, Olympic round, Head To Head.
It is being organised by the National Junior Committee.
HELP is needed on the day, 4th August,  from 1100 hours.  There will be a fair amount of boss shifting to do.
Notts thinks that if we can provide a good event this year there is every likelihood that it will become an annual event to be hosted by clubs across the country in the future. 
So if you can provide assistance please let Andy Pointon know on
For reference the judges that day will be :
Pam Tonkin
Andy Pointon
Geoff Malyon
Roger Elliott
Adam Guest

Tuesday 21st May

Dates for your diaries
              8th June ~ Bingham Fair.  This is one of our biggest money spinners of the year and also a fruitful source of people onto beginners courses.  We will be running a have a go which will last all day ~ set up 8.00ish until the Fair ends at around 5.00, then adjourn to the Chesterfield no doubt.  All help welcome.  I know it's a shooting day and that some of you will be at the Golden arrow over in Sherwood but if you can make it please do.
              15th June ~ Cotgrave Festival of Sport ~ another have-a-go session where help would be very welcome.  I haven't got final details yet but will let you have them asap.  It's likely to be a shorter session than Bingham fair ~ about 3 hours.

We have more or less finished the latest beginners courses ~ just one person to move through  ~ and it looks like we will have something in excess of 10 new members as a result of the courses.  At present we have only a few people looking for beginners courses so it is likely we will not run anything on the scale of the recent Saturday course. If you know of anyone interested in trying archery please pass on their details or ask them to get in touch with me.  I know that you will make our new members welcome ~ please remember that they are new to shooting and may need time to settle in.  The  coaches like to give new archers a few weeks to get used to the club and their bows before making lots of input so please step back ~ unless there is a safety issue ~ and refer to a coach of you think something needs looking at.

Finally congratulations to Catherine Angus who was first junior lady at the Wilford shoot at the weekend.  I understand from Pete that she shot to a  44 handicap achieving a JMB score ( Catherine we can't allocate JMB that's done centrally so you'll need to keep hold of your score sheets etc to claim it when you get three... I'll look up the process when I have time) and her handicap comes down to 47 outdoors.

Wednesday 15th May

The Handicap results for the recent league shoot are now available and make good reading. Pete and Ian are ij 2nd place in their groups with John first for the longbows.  It looks like they ommtted to use Sandy's handicap, possibly because I sent it in late but I will ask about that.

Monday 13th May

I know it may sound odd but we are fast approaching Midsummer and the Rolls Royce Midsummer shoot ~ Wednesday 19th June if you wondered.  This is one of the best local shoots a nice short round (Short National) and always a pleasant atmosphere.  If you want to take part download the entry form here.

Sunday12th May

Interim results following the first of the three League Shoots are now available.  They are broken down into Individual Pure Score and Team Results. Both make good reading and the issue of which Sanderson is in the team is cleared up ~ it's Sandy as he with Mick and Brian make up our team of three.  Pete joins Maurice and Simon in our B team.

Saturday 11th May

Please note that due to a cycling event taking place at the Leisure Cnetree on 31st May there will be no shooting that evening.

Please note that the entry form for the Wilford Shoot on Sunday 19th May is available on the Notts website ~

It is one of the County Selection shoots so if you want to be in with a chance of representing the county get your entry in now.  I will bring a small supply of paper entry forms to the field this afternoon if anyone wants one just ask....

Sunday 5th May

We were blessed with good weather for today's league shoot and the club's representatives performed well ~ no mean feat in a field of 117 archers spread across 31 bosses.  I've not yet got the official results but we know that our senior recurve team is in first place whilst the juniors are in third.  The precise composition of the senior recurve team is unclear ~ it seems that the organisers may have used the wrong one of the Sanderson sisters ~ Stephanie and Petrushka ~  as soon as I have the official results I'll be able to get to the bottom of this conundrum.  In the meantime I'll just report that both Sandersons shot well and reduced their handicaps.  Catherine Angus looks likely to have done the same. The second league shoot is on 9th June ~ get it in your diary and try to be there.  I think all who were there today would confirm that it was a good day out.

Later on Saturday 4th May (but not by much)

The Target List for Sunday's league shoot is available here.... Looks a good turnout!

Saturday 4th May

With just a day to go to the League shoot it looks like some of our archers are heading in the right direction.  Following a pleasant evening shooting last night Steve (Sandy) Sanderson ~ also known as John when I cock things up (sorry) has achieved an outdoor handicap of 53 ~ I'm sure this will come down rapidly.  Mine (Simon if you were unsure) has come down to 50. Let's hope for further across the board improvements on Sunday or maybe even sooner ~ there is shooting this afternoon and conditions look good.

Thursday 2nd May ~ League Shoot

The Club will have a healthy turnout for the League this weekend:

  Senior Compound ~ Ian Christopher

  Senior Recurve ~  Jim Johnson

                             Brian Thornton

                             Maurice Clarke

                             Simon Barnicott

                             Mick Coward

                             Paul Burton

                             Gray Sheriston

                             John (Sandy) Sanderson

                             Pete Sanderson

                             Charlie James

   Senior Longbow ~ John Hunton

   Junior Recurve ~  Catherine Angus (who will be shooting the full American Round and aiming for the Oregon team)

                             Andrew Hunton

                             Lukas Burton

                             Saaras Mehan

Jim, Brian, Maurice, Ian, Mick, Pete and Simon will also be shooting in the new Masters Category for those over 50 ~ I know it's hard to believe!  Of course if they make it onto the Oregon Team, which I'm sure a few will, they won't be eligible for both.  Anyway I hope you'll join me in wishing all those taking part good luck.  I'll put results on the web next week, all being well, so watch this space and try to book a date on your diary for the next League shoot which is on 9th June at Sherwood Aerchers in Southwell


The first League shoot, which incorporates the Oregon Challenge, is on Sunday 5th May. If you plan to take part please let Simon know by Monday at the latest as all entries need to be sent to the organiser that evening and late entries may not be accepted. At the moment entries from Bingham are thin on the ground which is a shame as last year we won both the senior and junior team trophies.  The League is a good way to get into competition without it being too serious, I recommend it to all members.

Spring Western Results and handicap changes

The results of the Spring Western are now available ~ click here to see them.

As a result of the shoot there are a few handicap changes:

            New Handicaps

              Pete Sanderson ~ 54 ~ 3rd Class 

              Russ Gibbs ~         58 ~ Archer

              Andrew Hunton ~    85  ~ Archer

            Updated Handicaps

              Catherine Angus ~  50

              Paul Burton ~         54

I think that means that Catherine has reduced her handicap by six points already this year!

Monday 22nd April

We were blessed with dry weather for yesterday's Spring Western and, whilst the wind was changeable and tricky, some good scores were achieved and, from what I could tell, everyone had a good time.  Bingham did well in terms of picking up the honours too.  Brian Thornton took first gents recurve with a score just over 800 Mick Coward second, Ian Christopher too first gents longbow, whilst Adrianne Goodwin was first (and to be fair only) lady longbow ~ you have to be in it to win it.  On the gent's longbow front former Bingham archers Dave Seymour (GNAS) and Steve Gamble (Belvoir) took first and second with John Hunton in third.  The Agincourt Volley was won by Russ Gibbs with Lukas Burton in second place ~ both shooting barebow. Adrianne will be doing a spreadsheet of all the results and I'll make that available on the website in due course.

I would like to thank the working party for their efforts getting the field set up and taken down at either end of the day. Both were done quickly efficiently and with good humour which made things really easy.

At the start of the shoot Adrianne mentioned the news from Burton Bridge about a break in they experienced at the back end of last week.  They had a massive amount of equipment stolen ~ 60 recurve bows, a couple of longbows and compounds and around 300 arrows. They would like archers to keep an eye out for offers that are too good to be true appearing on e-Bay, at Car Boots and so forth.  If you see something that looks suspicious let them know

Saturday 20th April

The EAF Longbow Championships are in Lincoln this year on 11th August ~ that clashes with the final league shoot but as a national tournament it's worth thinking about.  I imagine other longbow archers from Notts will take part so you would not be alone.  

The forecast for tommorrow remains OK ~ likely to be some rain towards the end of the shoot when the wind will pick up and start gusting.  So let's hope for a slick shoot so that we can finish in good time and not get too damp whilst putting things away.

Friday 19th April

With just two days to go to the Spring Western it looks like we'll have 14 bosses to put up (Click here for the current target list). Th only worry is the weather.... The latest from the Met Office suggsts that we'll have some rain and also some wind but nothing like the extremes that Bassetlaw experienced.  The forecast is for gusts uo to 26 mph in the afternoon compared with 50+ last Sunday.  We will be keeping a close watch on the forecasts and our fingers crossed.

Monday 15th April

I gather that Bassetlaw was called off after 2 dozen arrows yesterday as the wind was blowing bosses over and it was too dangerous to carry on. Adrianne came first lady longbow ~ with a score higher than the number of arrows shot, 

It's not too late to enter the Western on Sunday and please don't forget that we wil be setting up from 8.00 as detailed in the note below.

Sunday 14th April

The Beginners course ran well yesterday, fewer turned up than expected but those that did listened to what the coaches had to say and made good progress. The Beginners managed to brave the elements for longer than the club archers ~ remember when you were that enthusiastic? ~ and were a great help putting things away which brings me onto another topic.... The Spring Western is next week and we will need as many of you as possible to be part of the working party to set up the field. We will start doing this at 8.00 a.m. taking things out of the garage/container at the back of the Leisure Centre, once the first load is on the van we will then move across to the competition field (larger field at the west end of the Leisure centre site) to start putting up bosses, roping off the field and erecting the gazebo which is the nerve centre of the operastion for the rest of the day.  If you can help it would be greatly appreciated. 

Several of our members shot over at Bassetlaw today ~ results to follow ~ I'm guessing that the wind was a factor and will be hoping for a calmer day next Sunday, I need no help to miss the boss at the moment.Last Sunday Catherine Angus shot in the EMAS squad selection shoot for the Thirsk Junior Inter-Regio competition. She came fourth with a score of 1151 for a Metric 3 narrowly missing selection for the EMAS team. Jim tells me that her score exceeds JMB by over 90 points and that he has asked for a copy of her scorecard which will be needed for obtaining JMB status (Clubs can only classify archers up to Bowman).  I will update the  handicap tables once Pete gives me the details. That said it looks like Catherine will be one to watch this year for the Handicap Improvement award, currently held by Pete Heydon, as it looks like she has come down by four points already!  Well done Catherine, keep it up

Saturday 13th April ~ Beginners course starts today

We have a new Beginners Course starting today so expect to see new faces wandering around possibly looking lost.  We will shoot on a separate line this week and next so just send anyone who turns up across there and give them your usual warm welcome.  There are going to be about a dozen people taking part.

Last night due to the inclement weather I decided to ring and cancel the field ~ I was third in the queue as Janet had also rung and someone  who had ventured up to the field (Ian?) popped into reception and did the same. Hopefully we'll have better weather in the coming weeks.  As it happens Les and I did a session for Space Unlimited yesterday and managed to dodge the weather. They are a group working with young adults with learning and other difficulties in central Nottingham, so it was a surprise to see one young lady who lives in Bingham and whom I have known for over 20 years taking part.  This session is part of the Sport England Project and is the first of three we have planned to allow the group to make a decision about archery and how they would like to take it forward. There is a strong chance that they will want a more formal beginners course.  Another group working with similar people in the Vale of Belvoir is planning to come along next Friday evening, probably about three or four of them, so once again please make them welcome if they turn up before I get there. See the Sport England Project pages for more information about what we are doing  ~ this page will be updated regularly.

....and finally I have a problem with my land-line at the moment which won't be fixed for a week or so.  If you need to ring me please use my mobile number, which I think most of you have and use already anyway....


11th April EMAS AGM

The venue for the EMAS AGM has been confirmed as Barnstone Country Club, home of our near neighbours Belvoir Archers. The Agenda is available here.  

30th March ~ EMAS AGM and other stuff

I know I did not get around to advising you about the date for the EMAS AGM so it seems strange to be telling you that it has been changed to Saturday 11th May ~ as yet no venue has been confirmed.  So all in all this is not necessarily the most useful bit of information you have read on this site!

I am pleased to let you know that Russ Gibbs has offered to spend a bit of time tidying up the club's website ~ so expect lots of changes in the near future.  Thanks Russ ~ and good luck!  

Don't forget that the Spring Western is on 21st April ~ just a few weeks away now.  Please get your entries in to Adrianne, or tell another committee member, as soon as possible.  The entry form is available if you click here.  We will need a working party on the day so bear that in mind ~ setting up is usually quite a lot of fun so don't miss out, even if you aren't planning to shoot there is something for you to do (setting up, taking down, raffles, etc).

 24th March ~ County and other Championships 2013

The best place to look for county wide shoots is the Nottinghamshire Archery Society Website.  This includes all the major shoots you may be interested in on its EMAS Tournaments page.  If you are interested in selection for the county team this year then you need to shoot the selection shoots ~ at least a couple of them.  The criteria for team selection is laid out on the Notts website but essentially is as follows:

Four qualifying shoots will  be used for selection, these being:-

  1. Wilford Bowmen York/Hereford

  2. Welbeck Archers York/Hereford

  3. Sherwood Archers Fita

  4. The Notts Champs York/Hereford

Individuals wishing to shoot for the County must shoot at least two of the above shoots and must either be affiliated through a Nottingham Club or have permission from their respective County to be allowed to shoot for Nottinghamshire.  For full details see the Team Selection pages on the county website.  For Juniors the county website says the process will be the same as for last year but I cannot find what the criteria were then!  I'll ask around.

In the meantime ~ don't forget we start outdoors on 2nd April and our Spring Western is on 21st April...

23rd March ~ Club Championships and much more

We had a good turnout for the championships last night with some good and not so good scores being pout in.  The results of the various events were as follows:

  Gents Compound ~ Ian Christopher ~ 278

  Gents Longbow ~ John Hunton ~ 145

  Gents recurve ~ Brian Thornton ~ 275

                            Paul Burton ~ 219

                           Steven (Sandy) Sanderson ~ 216

  Ladies recurve ~ Lorraine Heydon ~ 156

  Junior Ladies Recurve ~ Catherine Angus ~ 245

             Gents Recurve ~ Sam Jones ~ 152

                                        Lukas Burton ~ 120

                                        Connor Hampson ~ 99

Junior Knockout ~ Catherine Angus (1454) beat Sam Jones (1430)

Senior Knockout ~ Gary Sheriston (1451) beat Russ Gibb (1411)

Overall Club Handicap Champion ~ Lukas Burton (1465)

Many thanks to all for taking part, to Pete Sanderson for helping with the scoring and for all his work as Records Officer.  Spefcial thanks also to Jill Anguis for acting as our Lady Paramount at very short notice ~ well dodged Bryn! 

You will be pleased to know that we have taken delivery of some new stands and other equipment as part of the Sport England project.  The stands should make setting up in the small hall a lot easier and make things easier in the store shed.  We are lined up to run a have-a-go session for East Leake scouts on May Bank Holiday Monday (May 6th).  All help welcome you'll enjoy it and it will bring some much needed cash into the coffers as well as introduce lots of youngsters to archery.

We are also lined up to do a few sessions for young adults with learning difficulties and other problems soon after half term and some sessions at Vision West College in Mansfield.  If you would like to know more and even better be involved just ask one of the committee ~ no volunteer will be turned away.



The results of the semi finals of the knockout are as follows:


    Russ Gibbs (1468) beat Ian Christopher (1432)

    Gary Sheriston (1455) beat Simon Barnicott (1429)



   Catherine Angus (1482) beat Connor Hampson (1481) and Andrew Hunton (1458)   Sam Jones (1462) beat Lukas Burton (1459)


Congratulations to those who have battled through to the end.  The finals will take place next Friday 22 March ~ alongside the Club Championships.  The finals will be as follows (handicap and allowances in brackets)


    Gary Sheriston (63 – 1300)  v  Russ Gibbs (53 – 1247) 



    Catherine Angus (43 – 1209)  v  Sam Jones (59 – 1278)


The Club Championships wil include every category of bow that turns up and will include an overall club Handicap competition ~ for those with a current handicap.  If you have one of the trophies from last year please bring it back so that it can be presented to whoever wins it this year ~ that includes you Ian!  Juust in case you have forgotten , it is a long time since last year (12 months at least), the winners last year were:

 Winter Knockout     Senior Champion ~ Lorraine Heydon   

                                 Junior Champion ~ Sam Jones

                Ladies Recurve ~ Janet Smeetom

                Longbow ~ Adrianne Goodwin

                Gents Recurve ~ Mick Coward

                          Compound  ~ Ian Christopher

               Junior Ladies Recurve ~ Catherine Angus

               Junior Gents Recurve ~ Arian Bagheri

               Overall Club Handicap Champion ~ Arian Bagheri


The Handicap Tables have been updated and those on the website will be used for the competition next Friday.

Please also try to read and comment on the County Devbelopment plan ~ responses have been a little thin on the ground.


Finally ~ don't forget to enter the Spring Western on 21st April.


9th March Handicap Updates


The Handicap table has been updated following last night's shooting.  Congratulations to Sam, Gary and Catherine (yet again) on bringing their handicaps down.  Looks like Gary will give me a good contest in the knockout.


6th March ~ Summer Programme 2013

The Summer Programme for 2013 is now available. There will be a beginners course running on Saturdays from 13th April and we are looking into the possibility of running another course on Monday evenings ~ in which case there will be the facility to shoot then, though depending on how we lay out the field it may be for shorter distances only.

2nd March 2013
The results of the second round of the Seniors Knockout are as follows:

    Gary Sheriston (1459) v   ( 1444) Peter Sanderson

    Simon Barnicott (1406)  v  (1355) Lorraine Heydon   

    Russ Gibbs (1433) v  (1426) David Didsbury

    Ian Christopher 1435  v  (did not shoot) Charlie James


So the draw for the next round ~ the semi-final ~ is as follows (allowances in brackets):


    Ian Christopher (1158) v Russ Gibbs (1267)

    Simon barnicot (1430) v Gary Sheriston (1306)


The round must be shot by Friday 15th March.


The juniors have almost completed their round ~ with another very close contest between Connor and Catherine.  Both increased their personal best by some way (36 and 30 points respectively) with Catherine coming out just one point ahead overall when allowances were taken into account.  I'll not release their scores as Andrew is yet to shoot his round in their three header.


Adjusted handicaps as follows (click here for the handicap table):

Catherine Angus goes to 44E

Connor Hampson goes to 69G

Gary Sheriston goes to 64F

Don't forget that we need your thoughts and offers of help for the County Devbelopment plan work and that next Friday is the final session in the red gym ~ it will concentrate on aspects of preparation for competition.

26th February 2013



Les and Simon attended a meeting of the County Committee last night, which looked at the Draft County Development Plan  Mike Spare and Mike Thomason put the plan together and we all agreed that it was a good start but that more work was needed on it.  The county committee is keen to get everyone in the county to have a look at the plan and for all clubs and as many individual members as possible to contribute to its further development ~ adding the detail and plugging any gaps there may be.


What we would like you to do is:

  1. give some thought to what you want from archery and how the club and the county can best meet your needs

  2. having done that read the plan

  3. think about whether it meets your needs, misses them altogether or has made you re-think what your needs are

  4. think about whether and how you could contribute to making the plan a workable document that reflects your needs

  5. let the club committee know your thoughts on the plan ~ especially how you can help.

Mike Spare is going to let us have a timetable for the overall development of the plan in the near future (the aim is to have something in place by September ~ I think).  In the meantime the County has asked us to get back to them in the next three weeks with thoughts and offers of help. So if you would like to be involved with or maybe even lead on one of the development strands in the plan let one of the committee know (Les or Simon might be best).


Enjoy your reading and remember ~ it's your county but it will only deliver what you want if you let it know what that is and get involved. 


25th February 2013

Following a busy weekend of shooting the handicap Tables have been updated.  Brian Thornton, Sandy Sanderson, Paul Burton, Catherine Angus and Lukas Burton have all brought their handicaps down (Paul, Catherine and Lukas following new PBs).


Friday 8th March sees our third and final Focussed coaching Session, for the Indoor season anyway.  This will look at Competition and how to prepare for it so if you haven’t shot in a competition before ~ or would like some hints and tips on how to prepare better this is the session for you. 

  • Kate will talk about Hydration and Nutrition and what you need to bear in mind to get the best from your body.

  • Shani will talk about what you need to take with you to a competition ~ it’s not just your bow and arrows ~ with particular reference to what she takes.  As we are all different I anticipate that this will be a session that provokes some discussion.

  • Jim will talk about the differences between rounds and in particular the different requirements of FITA and “GNAS” rounds.

  • Les will be available to chip in and add to what the others have covered.

Unfortunately I’ll not be there as I am at Lilleshall again for another of the performance Coaching sessions being run by Lloyd Brown.  Please let me know if you are planning to come along.






Being a Handicap Competition, the Knockout should result in some close matches so long as archers shoot at or close to their handicap ~ this round of the competition did not disappoint in that respect.  A score of around 1440 means the pure score was on handicap any more and the archer performed better than expected.  We have some magnificent scores ~ which will of course mean that those archers will find their handicaps and allowances reduced for the next round.  Results are as followswinners are shown in bold:



 Lorraine Heydon   1438   v      1400 Adrianne Goodwin

Hazel Connoly     1399   v  1463    Russ Gibbs

Paul Burton    1436        v  1441     David Didsbury

Vicky Bratty     1448      v     1449  Simon Barnicott  (sorry Vicky)

Ian Christopher  1436     v     1407  Pete Heydon 

John Hunton          1465 v     1471 Peter Sanderson

Gary Sheriston   1499    v      1433 Jim Johnson

             Charlie James 1461        v     1420 Steven (Sandy) Sanderson



Due to the numbers involved Andrew, Sam and Lukas had a bye to the next round but still had to shoot to go through.  There was just one match in the round which had as close a finish as it’s possible to get:



            Andrew Hunton   1478

           Sam Jones  1418


           Catherine Angus   1461 v     1461 Connor Hampson

           Lukas Burton     1443 

So both Connor and Catherine are through which means there will be a three-way shoot in the next round!

The draw for Round 3 is as follows (handicaps and allowances shown in brackets):


Seniors to be shot by 1st March


Gary Sheriston (65 ~ 1312) v   ( 51 ~ 1238) Peter Sanderson

Simon Barnicott (49 ~ 1230)  v  (51 ~ 1238) Lorraine Heydon   

Russ Gibbs (54 ~ 1252) v  (47 ~ 1222) David Didsbury

Ian Christopher (7 ~ 1158)  v  ( 56 ~ 1262) Charlie James


Juniors to be shot by 15th M\arch


Andrew Hunton (80 ~ 1387) v Catherine Angus(51 ~ 1238) v Connor Hampson (72 ~1350)

Sam Jones (61 ~ 1289) v (72 ~ 1350) Lukas Burton

Good luck to every one

have updated the Handicap tables ~ Connor and Charlie have reduced theirs following their rounds on Friday 15th.

PS Apologies for the odd formatting ~ it happened when I copied this across (after I saved it) and I don't know why....


Sunday 10th February



We have had a busy weekend with lots of rounds shot on Friday and more again on Sunday several PBs have been recorded and the following people have improved their handicap: 

Catherine Angus ~ 51E

Pete Sanderson ~ 51E

Gary Sheriston ~ 65F

John Hunton ~ 64F

Paul Burton ~ 45D

..... and one late addition ~ Simon Barnicott 49E

The handicap tables have been updated.John confirmed that he’s the dark horse for the Winter Knockout by bringing his handicap down quite a distance. 


At the County Championships last weekend not only did Vicky Bratty record a new PB for the Portsmouth (he second of the weekend) but Also Ian Christopher took first place in the gents compound making him once again county champion both indoors and out.  Well done Ian.  He and several other members will be at RAF Cranwell next weekend for the Civil Service Championships on Saturday or Police/RAF shoot on Sunday let’s hope they do well then too.

Finally there is just a week left to shoot your Knockout ~ I’ll not release any results yet but can confirm that there have been some very close matches.












I am pleased to let you know that Vicky Bratty continued her current good form over the weekend taking two second places.  Shooting for Nottigham Trent Uni in the BUTTS League on Saturday she scored 548 for the Portsmouth round, bettering this by six points on Sunday (554) in the County Indoor Championships, her handicap has tumbled as a result  ~ pity I gave her an allowance ofr the Knockout based on her handicap up to last weekend, i don't see me progressing to the next round given her current form.  I'll let you know how others fared as and when the scores come in.


Don't forget the equipment session starting at 7.45 this Friday in the red gym (small hall). 






Seniors matches to be shot by 15th February
Lorraine Heydon      v      Adrianne Goodwin
Hazel Connoly        v      Russ Gibbs
Paul Burton            v       David Didsbury
Vicky Bratty           v      Simon Barnicott
Ian Christopher       v       Pete Heydon 
John Hunton           v     Peter Sanderson
Gary Sheriston       v      Jim Johnson
Charlie James         v     Steven (Sandy) Sanderson
Juniors to be shot by 15th February  those with a bye still need to shoot a bray 1 to qualify for the next round it's just that they don't need to beat anyone!
           Andrew Hunton   (bye)
           Sam Jones         (bye)
          Catherine Angus    v     Connor Hampson
           Lukas Burton     (bye) 
Please note that our Spring Western has been moved back to Sunday 21st April (a week later than planned) to avoid a clash with a competition elsewhere in the county.  Click here for the entry form. 
The entry form for Burton Bridge Archers Open Clout shoot on 26th May has been added to the competitions page.  Click here for the entry form.




As you know we are not running beginners courses over the next few months to allow coaches time to work with archers already active in the club ~ if you want help all you need to do is ask and we’ll do our best to help you.  As part of this we have three sessions planned in the Small Hall on Friday evenings ~ they will run alongside normal shooting and so you will have the chance to enjoy both for you normal shooting fee ~ pay more if you wish.  The sessions will run from 7.30 and the exact finish time depends on numbers and the questions you ask.  The dates we have booked are:

11th January

8th February

8th March

So the first one is this coming Friday.  At that session Simon will be covering Strength and Conditioning and Posture.  The aim is to give you an overview of why strength and conditioning is essential to your shooting and to provide you with some simple exercises you can do at home using minimal equipment that should help when you come up to shoot.  If you have a cliniband bring it along as it will come in useful.


Topics for future sessions depend upon what you want us to cover but are likely to include:

Equipment (set up and maintenance) bows, arrows etc including maintenance, e.g. tying nocking points

Sports Psychology

Tournaments demands of competition ~ what different shoots require ~ how to enter them ~ route to the county team

If you are likely to take part in the session next Friday please Simon know ~ it will help with knowing how much equipment and copies of handouts to bring

Finally the Handicap table has been updated ~ Gary Sheriston has been added ~ I look forward to seeing how he and others progress over the season.