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At Bingham Leisure Centre, we share the facility with other sports clubs.  In the evenings, the all-weather astroturf court is used by  football clubs and "casual players".  This has resulted in a number of footballs coming over the fence and into the shooting area.  We must be extra vigilant when shooting to ensure the safety of our archers and the footballers coming to collect the ball.  To this end, some extra precautions should now be adopted.

1.  A sign to be placed on the archery field, around 10 yards in from the bank, mid distance between the shooting line and the equipment container facing the embankment warning anyone that we are shooting and to wait
2.  If a ball comes into the shooting area we must immediately call "fast" and recover the ball behind the line where the owner can collect it in safety
3.  In case of injury to anyone, the first aid staff in the leisure centre must be called and an entry be placed in the accident book
4.  In case of confrontation with any non archer, you must back down and call the leisure centre immediately for their staff to intervene and sort out the issue.
5.  All arrows must be found ~ never leave an arrow on the field as this poses a risk to other users and could impact on our use of the facility.  If in doubt speak to the field captain or other senior member.

The Leisure Centre can be contacted on   01949 838 628