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Winter Knockout 2018

Information regarding the Winter Knockout


As there were fewer scores entered before Christmas than anticipated we will run the Knockout on a slightly different basis this year than in previous years. EVERYONE IS ELIGIBLE TO SHOOT IN ROUND 1

Anyone without a handicap has been given an allowance slightly less than the highest "real" allowance and the opportunity is there for you to get yourself a handicap over the next few weeks. 

 The round to be shot is the Bray 1 ~ 30 arrows at 20 yards on a 40 cm face, ten zone scoring (only 10s count as golds)
  • Round 1 to be shot and scores submitted to JT or Simon by Sunday 28th January
  • The top 16 scores will be be entered into Round 2 which must be shot by 18th February ~ scores submitted by 19th February
  • Round 3  (last 8) will be shot by 4th March ~ and scores submitted by 5th March
  • Round 4 (semi-final) will be shot by 18th March ~ and scores submitted by 19th March
  • The Final will be shot alongside the Club Championships on 23rd March
  • All archers knocked out in Round 1 will be entered into the Plate Competition which will be shot to the same timetable as the main Knockout
  • When submitting scores please add in your allowance to give the full final score.